Saturday, December 23, 2006

Danks and Masset headed for the Windy City

Written by Dan in Texas

In a shocking trade today the Texas Rangers sent number one pitching prospect John Danks, highly thought of reliever Nick Masset and Jacob Rasner in exchange for Brandon McCarthy a 23 year old left-handed starter and David Paisano.

Lets not dwell on Danks potential and just take a look at the highly touted Brandon McCarthy.

Here is the scouting report on McCarthy:

Assets: Mixes a two-seamer and a four-seamer in the low-90s with a strong curveball to garner more strikeouts you'd expect from that kind of stuff. Also boasts terrific command.

Flaws: Leaves the ball up a little too often to right-handed hitters and watches the ball fly out of the park. Needs to improve his change-up.

Career potential: Solid mid-rotation starter.

For you stat-heads out there here are his 2006 big league numbers. He threw 84.2 innings for the White Sox year, starting two games and ended up with a 4.68 ERA striking out 69. He gave up 33 walks and 77 hits over those 84.2 innings (1.30 WHIP). His 2006 overall record was 4-7.

Doesn’t exactly knock your socks off, does it?

I have seen McCarthy compared to Jack McDowell and Barry Zito.

One might also think that the Rangers either are not serious about signing Barry Zito or they don’t feel confident that they can sign him. One could argue that the Rangers do feel confident they will land Zito; though the organization would not likely trade their number one prospect after touting him as the future of the organization in order to gain leverage over Scott Boras.

McCarthy figures to join the rotation immediately behind Padilla as either the third or fourth starter. The 6 foot 7 McCarthy was highly thought of in the White Sox organization, so much so that it was rumored that he was the sticking point in a trade for Alfonso Soriano mid season.

Though, if one puts stock in scouting reports, a pitcher who is susceptible to giving up long fly ball to right-handed hitters does not bode well for the Ballpark.

As far as David Paisano, a likely throw in, he is an outfielder that should be years away from big league service. T.R. Sullivan reports:

Paisano, 18, appeared in 52 games for the White Sox's Venezuelan Summer League team in 2006 and batted .338 with no home runs and 17 RBIs. A native of Venezuela, he played with Chicago's Dominican Summer League club in 2005 and hit .272 with three home runs and eight RBI in 49 games.

Bottom line, this isn’t a great trade nor an awful trade at this point in time. It should be clear to all Ranger fans, this trade has “come back to bite us in the ass” written all over it.

On a different subject, I have felt that Daniels taking over the General Manger position and dictating the direction of the club would be a positive thing. Tom Hicks keeping his hands off the organization and limiting his duties to press conferences and signing checks could only help the Rangers.

Unfortunately, it looks like Tom Hicks has taken over the negotiations with Barry Zito and his agent Scott Boras. The New York Post’s Michael Morrissey wrote earlier this week:

…a source told The Post yesterday that Rangers owner Tom Hicks is helming the charge to sign Zito in no uncertain terms.

Earlier this month, the source said, Hicks walked into a meeting and told his front-office people something to the effect of, "I'm taking over this negotiation now."

Let’s face it Ranger fans, regardless if the Rangers sign Zito or he goes elsewhere, the man who outbid himself to sign Alex Rodriquez to a $252 million dollar contract and gave Chan Ho Park a $65 million dollar deal should not come anywhere near a player negotiation for his club’s own good.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Winter Malaise, Cowboy Fear

By Dan in Texas

Well here we are, Ranger fans. Marlon Byrd, Vicente Padilla, Kenny Lofton, Eric Gagne and Frank Catalanotto. Are all going to be on the roster come April.

Is Barry Zito going to be there too? That shoe hasn’t dropped just yet and Rangers fans shouldn’t hold their breath, he may not sign until January. Time will tell, but for now I don’t have the patience to think about Scott Boras’s motives.

Here’s what’s exciting in Arlington: The Outfield. Now let me say, Vernon Wells talk would have been better, but I really don’t see him walking away from a reported 126 million dollar seven year contract extension. It was a wise preemptive move on the part of the Toronto Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi. Wells had stated publicly his interest to speak with the Ranger brass about returning to his home town of Arlington. Looks like that’s out the window barring some major change of thinking out of the Great White North. Take off, eh!

(Sigh) Why is the Rangers Centerfielder situation exciting? What’s the big deal about Kenny Lofton and his one year, six million dollar contract? The Rangers will likely head to Arizona with Kenny Lofton as the teams starting centerfielder. Nelson Cruz will be challenged to win that role in Surprise, Arizona. If the kid put’s up offensive and defensive performances as good or better than Lofton, he will be the Rangers centerfielder. I really feel Cruz could be one of the elites in the game in three years. If he can’t, next year the Rangers go centerfielder shopping; unfortunately Vernon Wells will be locked up until 2014.

The acquisition of Eric Gagne via free agency is promising; should Gagne recover from injury and return to past forms, the Rangers have an elite closer at a bargain price and a top notch set up man in Akinori Otsuka. If Gagne is through, Otsuka is a capable closer and the Rangers took a flyer on something that didn’t work out. That deal makes sense; one year at six million is very good for a pitcher with Gagne’s potential.

Not to get off the subject of baseball but if you haven’t seen the artist’s rendering of the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium (the Cowboys apparently really want you to know that it will hold a capacity of 80,000). I drove by the area the other day and the cranes are already up. I really don’t know if this will be good for Arlington. Sure it will get rid of the 12 pawn shops, 45 nail salons and that bar I thought was a salsa bar and almost got killed in. But what will take it’s place? The Rangers never really attracted the same type of crowd as the Cowboys. Are we going to see businesses set up to cater to the cocaine and boob job crowd who attend Cowboy’s games to be seen rather than watch the Cowboys? As always, in the DFW sports world the Cowboys occupy the stratosphere and the Rangers pick up the bread crumbs. Will the Rangers be relegated to their own little corner as Jerry Jones tries to push them into Six Flags? Will Jerry Jones make good on the promises issued when the Ballpark was built? Its 12 years after the place opened and the shops and restaurants surrounding the park are yet to be built.

My hope is the Cowboys and Rangers coexist as neighbors peacefully as neighbors; both reaping the benefits of mutual success, with each others success bolstering its counterpart.

My fear: the Cowboys culture dominates the Arlington area and as usual the Rangers are reduced to second, third and sometimes even fourth fiddle in their home town. The Rangers get the Sunday day game in 105 degree August weather while trying to win the West to make way for the Cowboy Sunday night game watching parties planned for the Cowboys’ second meeting with the Giants in East Rutherford.

In my vision, though it’s my fear, Kevin Millwood throws a no-hitter blanking the A’s through 9 as does Oakland and with two out, Nelson Cruz crushes a walkoff homerun off homerun to secure the West and provide the Rangers with homefield through out the playoffs. The Rangers mob Cruz at the plate. The celebration would be explosive if it wasn’t played before a sweaty crowd of 10,000 spectators, who stand to appaud, though with reservation as they think of the traffic jam the drive home will be as most roads have been changed to facilitate easy access for Cowboy fans.

Oh an mean while, the Cowboys lose 42 – 0 to the Giants before a record low crowd as most in the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area are at home glued to the screen watching the Mets clinch the NL East. (It’s comforting, though still my nightmare)

Let's just hope the Rangers win a Championship long before the Cowboys win thier next one.

If you are one of the five readers this week that mistakenly stumbles on to this site durring a fruitless search for midget porn, Britney Upskirts or video of a guy eating Mentos and drinking Diet Pepsi, feel free to share your views on the stadium situation.

And if you are a Cowboys fan, read this, it's funny...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Day one of the Winter Meetings

By Dan in Texas

MLB Radio is reporting the Rangers have come to terms with Vicente Padilla at 34 million for 3 years. I'm sure this will prevent them for going crazy after Zito


Zito is the Rangers' No. 1 target as they try to satisfy their off-season goal of adding two veteran starting pitchers.

The Rangers are also looking for a center fielder, and sources said Texas has made inquiries about Toronto 's Vernon Wells, who is from Arlington and can be a free agent after next season.

The question is, can they make such a trade without giving up shortstop Michael Young? Toronto wants a shortstop, but Daniels seems opposed to giving up any major pieces of his team in a blockbuster trade.

"I don't anticipate that," Daniels said this week. –From

I think T.R. Sullivan needs his head examined. Why would the Rangers trade Young for a guy with one year left on his contract? They could wait a year and have both players for 2008. Just because Wells is from Arlington doesn’t make the Rangers or Daniels crazy.

Speaking of Zito, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reported earlier today the Rangers have put an offer of 6 years at 102 million dollars. Great start, but I see this number going higher. Now that Padilla is resigned, it's hard to tell if it was only a negotiating tool to get Padilla to the table. We'll see...

Piazza is still out there and the Rangers need a bat to protect Texieria in the order. Big Tex's homerun numbers have fallen, likely due to a shortened swing. Piazza would give Tex more pitches to drive. Stay tuned...

Something big should break tomorrow, there is a buzz that a blockbuster will break sometime on Tuesday.

God, I am ALREADY sick of Manny trade talk in its 4th straight year. Ugh

This just in, MLB radio is reporting the Padres are close to completing a deal with Greg Maddox

Monday, October 23, 2006


wow, you gotta read this! what an article.

Smudgegate?! this guy is a tool. He personally blasts Rogers and Leyland for no other reason than he is a bitter ass. It is somewhat evident that this guy is a homer for LaRussa and the Cards and just pissed off that they lost. How the hell can you say that Rogers does not have a history of putting scoreless streaks together when the guy has a PERFECT GAME....?

Hey look, Rogers may be shady, maybe even a moral trash can...but this tool Jim Litke for the AP in my mind is much worse. Sorry about the Cardinals Jim, this one's for you:

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ranger's management at it's finest....

this just in....Ranger's front office has just indicated that they will not pursue ANY big name former managers.....the quote from FOX SPORTS is this:

"The club will not pursue Lou Piniella or another "big-name" former manager. The club also checked in with former Minnesota manager Tom Kelly, but he declined to interview."

This tells me two things and it is what agitates me as a fan....The Texas Ranger's front office is SO BAD that any manager with half a sack, won't even consider Arlington even in the short term AND the front office (Hicks with a Daniels puppet) won't even consider someone with any MLB experience should they even find such a person.

ya know....for many years Doug Melvin and his totally ridiculous trades and waffling about represented all that was wrong with the Rangers in my mind. Now, after further investigation, I am realizing the problem may not have been at all with his inability to GM his way out of the bathroom. In fact, the only problem with him and his successors, is their inability to say no to an ineffective and greedy owner. Hicks, I hope that this somehow finds you....please leave. You need to take your suitcases full of cash and get the hell out of Arlington. Sell this team to an owner that gives a damn or at least make an attempt to win.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Off-Season Preview

Posted By Dan in Texas

Those of you who haven’t all but abandon Ranger baseball in its current form, here is a list of the free agents for 2007 from the American League West.

## Denotes a club option

Barajas, Rod
De Rosa, Mark
Eaton, Adam
Hairston Jr, Jerry
Lee, Carlos
Matthews Jr., Gary
Padilla, Vicente
Wells, Kip
Young, Eric

Payton, Jason L.
Sauerbeck, Scott W.
Thomas, Frank
Zito, Barry

Meche, Gil
Perez, Eduardo A. ##

Los Angeles Angels
Erstad, Darin
Kennedy, Adam
Romero, J.C.
Salmon, Tim

If you really want to depress yourself Adam Rubin has a list for the entire league here.

After you take a look at either the West or the entire league and see all the players the Rangers don’t plan on getting off their rears to pursue- let alone sign lets pretend a real owner runs the club and the Rangers will actually be a player in the 2006 off season.

Kiss ‘em goodbye

Mark Eaton- Mark isn’t staying. He didn’t want to come to Arlington to begin with and I wouldn’t doubt he benefited from his injury as it clouds his true value. Pitching will be in demand this off-season (it’s kind of like predicting the post office will be busy on April 15th) so the Rangers would end up overpaying him to stay in Texas.

Carlos Lee- Gone with the wind. If Lee hasn’t packed his bags yet he may just Cowboy football. Lee hired Scott Boras to represent him during his contract season. We all know Boras doesn’t give hometown discounts, let alone discounts for teams that picked up free agents to be. The Mets may be interested depending on Floyd’s health and Lastings Milledge’s maturation. The Angel’s are hurting for offense and would love to put Lee on the same lineup card with Vlad. If Peter Angelos doesn’t sell he may try to mend some fences in Baltimore. The Cubs are as stupid with money as the Orioles. And who knows what Georgie S. in the Bronx. It should be obvious to Cashman that the Yankees problems are with the pitching staff but never count on Steinbrenner to let logic get in the way of running his ball club.

Pony up some dough and we’ll talk

Gary Mathews Jr.- 2006 was a career year for GMJ. He had an top defensive play in all of the Majors along with an All-Star appearance and finished strong with a .313 average .371 OBP and slugged .495. GMJ will cost more than he ever has at his career and likely more than he is worth. Mathew’s had as good if not better a year than last year’s batting champion Michael Young. If GMJ likes the confidence his manager placed in him by starting him in Center he may stay. Oh wait- sorry nevermind. The Rangers should have had an idea what Mathews would fetch on the free agent market and dealt GMJ at the deadline in return for some prospects.

Mark DeRosa- DeRosa like Mathews had a break out year after spending his major league career riding the pine in Atlanta. DeRosa (.357/.456/.296 OBP/SLG/AVG) is valuable to any team with his versatility in the field. DeRosa is used to playing in the first round of the playoffs at least and may be eager to move to a team with playoff aspirations. Like Mathews, DeRosa will cost more than ever and likely more than he is worth his off-season.

Vincente Padilla- Padilla was at times the best arm in the starting rotation. Pitching as always is valuable on the free agent market. Padilla is something of a wildcard in regard to his mental state. Who knows what this guy brings.

Likely free agent Acquisitions

I can’t go on, it’s too depressing. Who am I kidding? No one in their right mind is coming.

Barajas, Hairston and Young will likely stick around with deals slightly above the minimum. With what will likely be a vanilla manager selection (looks like the front runner will be Buck’s Bench coach), Texas wont be at the top of any one’s destination of choice list even if Tom Hicks wasn’t a cheap skate owner.

Get your season tickets and mini plans while they are hot, the line forms to the left.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Buck is out....Season is over...Players are pissed...

Holy crap.

The Ranger's number one yes-man is gone. What a fine way of doing so....leave it to Hicks to try and weasel out of paying for the only manager in recent history to catagorically accept every front office decision ever sent to him. This will do wonders for getting the big name manager in Arlington to skipper the way to the post season.

Overall, the decision to can Buck was a good one I believe. Showalter was a good disciplinarian siting the issues with temper tantrums from people like Alex Rodriguez, and Alfonso Soriano and more... but there can be no excuses made for some of the bone headed decisions made by Buck.

Well.....left to languish in a post season hell with of all teams to watch the Yankees.....

Could there be any news\sports reporting organization that is not prepared to immediately fall to their knees and without hesitation, sloppily service Derek Jeter and company? I will leave it at this... I am sick of how effective the Yankees consistantly perform. I am jealous. There is no player that would not(or hasn't) jump(ed) at the chance to be a part of this organization. There are too many reasons to list as to why this occurs, but it boils down to a front office that wants to profit by winning.

I will wait for another misguided appointee to drive the already tainted image of the Rangers to another lackluster ending of a regular season. Who wants to bet Lou Pannella for manager in 2007? Guess we'll find out soon enough. In the meantime, I can like so many other Rangers fans hope that Mr. Daniels stays focused and attentive to the goals of the club and stay suportive of the great guys we have playing for this team. We will miss you Rangers it will be a lonely post season without you. It is times like these that I miss the unwavering guidance of Johnny Oates.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lies, Lies, Lies

By Dan in Texas

I have been a Mets fan since Birth. When I came to Texas I adopted the Rangers as my second favorite team. I have that luxury as the Mets and Rangers only square off about every 5-6 years. Of course it is possible for the Rangers to Meet the Mets in the World Series.

I said possible, not probable.

Evan Grant of the Dallas morning news reported the “Rangers to break even financially” despite decrease in ticket sales in Friday’s edition. I like Evan, I really do, but Mr. Grant I have two words for that headline “Panther Piss.”

Tom Hicks, don’t lie to me through Evan Grant. How dumb do you think people are? These stories are an excuse to raise concession prices or why you can't sign quality free agents.

Notice in the story how it mentions the Rangers are considering “Variable Pricing Schedule.”

Several other teams use that pricing method such including the Mets. Variable Pricing means that a seat at Shea Stadium that costs $25 when the Pirates come to New York costs $35 when the Braves come and $55 for the subway series games.

This story is obviously a test balloon for that method while getting people used to the fact that the Rangers do not plan on even thinking about Zito, Schmidt, Hernandez, etc during the Winter Meetings.

Oh and if Carlos Lee bolts for the money he’s worth then it isn’t Hicks fault, it’s the Ranger fans.

Try and convince me that “Variable Pricing” is just and attempt to cash in on the only series Hicks seems to care about, Rangers-Yankees. Go ahead, I’m waiting…

I don’t believe for a second that Hicks didn’t clear a $68 million dollar payroll this season if you add up:

-Local TV revenue
-Fox game of the week revenue
-Their share of playoff and World Series TV and Radio revenue
-Satellite Radio
-Local radio
-Advertising sales
-Merchandise revenue
-Licensing revenue
-Video game licensing
-Ameriquest naming rights money.

All before you even add up Ticket sales.

I am not crying for Tom Hicks.

I would like to ask Tom Hick these two questions:

“How come we never hear the stories of how much any team profits?”


“If you can’t make money with this organization why not sell it? Mark Cuban has made it public record that he will be a player for the next MLB franchise that goes on sale.”

And how come after hearing all these stories no one is shocked when MLB or an organization flat out REFUSES to open its books and show a balance sheet?

I have a friend that told me he is protesting by not going to any games or purchasing Rangers merchandise. Sure it hits Hicks in the only other thing he cares about besides Texas Longhorn football: His check book. Simple and effective but not likely to change current trends. I've never been a big believer in sports apathy.

Anyone care to start a fan base revolt?

Not likely since Hicks has the one thing that has taken his falure's at running a baseball fanchise and bailed him out year after year:

Cowboys Football

If Rangers fans would get as upset about Rangers franchise stratagy as they do about who the back-up quarterback or right tackle is this town just might see a World Series.

Don't hold your breath...

Sometimes I don’t blame Ranger fans for not getting as excited about Rangers baseball as I am about Mets baseball and it is really a shame.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Plenty of room for improvement

Toronto didn't have a good game until the fourth, where either, 1. they started swinging the correct end of the bat, or 2. Koronka began pitching underhand. The rest of the team was not without a little blaim as there were three errors on the evening.

There are some who believe that the remainder of the season can be predicted by the 5th game after the ASB. If this is the case then we may have a bit of a problem. The fellas from Lonestarball made a great reference....." its like the bad news bears out there, minus the kid on the motorcycle who could actually hit." This game was perhaps one of the worst this season in my opinion, complete with pitchers throwing at opponents heads and the threat of a bench clearing brawl. This is disappointing and I hope we can find some talent before we are out of the race.

Monday, July 17, 2006

2/4 with Baltimore

.500 with Baltimore, and Daniels is making noises about buying pitching. As the trade deadline approaches, names like Willis and Elarton are being thrown about. I could be really negative here and say that we have heard all of the song and dance about how the Rangers are going to sign the next Nolan Ryan; and it never happens ending with me the superfan shoulders slumped walking home dragging my oversized foam finger and Rangers pennant. I really think Daniels may have a head full of steam and actually might get something accomplished with starting pitching. I don't think that Dontrelle will come over, but I have a little more faith in this guy than GM's past....we'll see how it comes out in the wash.

Tonight we start a 3 game set with Toronto and then on to Boston. Now would be a great time to heat up. Go Rangers.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006

To early for magic numbers and playoff tickets?

Posted by Dan in Texas

Maybe, but who cares? Congratulations to the Texas Rangers who beat the Twins Ace to finish the first half of the season tied for first place with Anaheim, er Los Angles, uh, Californ- I mean... whatever- the Angels.

I think Magic numbers are fun, thought you might like to know:

The Texas Rangers Magic Number: 75

*Magic number denotes the amount of either wins by the leader or losses by the closest opponent in the division combined. Any combination of wins and opponent losses equaling the magic number will win the division. i.e. 38 wins by the Rangers and 37 losses by the Angels would place the Rangers in first on October 1st with a record of:

Rangers 83-79
Angels 82-80

NOTE TO READERS- Sorry I have been missing in action the past month or two, I have been currently engaged with my new site, Lonestar Mets. The other Ghost will do most of the posting but I will drop in just to say hello from time to time.

Before I go any further, I would like to say, "Happy Birthday, Lee Stevens!" You were a favorite of the Ghosts of 96.

The Rangers find themselves in a precarious position on July 10th. The Rangers have Adam Eaton coming back shortly to fortify the starting staff and Millwood on the way. What the Rangers do have is ample supply of young arms that should hold up in the hot July, August and September to come. A veteran presence wouldn’t hurt here, especially a front line starter. If the Rangers want to compete in October, they really need to make a move before the deadline. In my opinion the Rangers are holding two valuable chips to deal right now.

No, not perennial trade chip Kevin Mench, I think Mench wont bring back much more than a weak hitting, defensive utility infielder/outfielder. If Jon Daniels feels that’s what the team lacks, fine, pull the trigger.

Now before I start, let me preface that if you heard the sound bite of Daniels on the Ticket stating something to the effect of: “I don’t want to move a valuable chip for a 2 month rental” don’t believe every thing you hear. The Rangers have long been known as a team that says one thing to conceal its intentions. Don’t think that hasn’t changed.

The Rangers have two chips to swap that are in a walk year and, realistically, are at their maximum value right now. Taking a look at the White Sox, Tigers, Red Sox and Yankees the Rangers are going to need another ace if they plan to make a run at the West and have a shot at the best in the AL.

I speak of course of Gary Mathews Jr. and Mark DeRosa.

DeRosa .384 .494 .332
Mathews .374 .539 .328

If anyone thinks that DeRosa or Mathews will continue to put up those numbers has been sitting in section 301 without a hat for too long. Take a look at his career numbers:

DeRosa .331 .400 .275

Best season? 2002

.339 .429 .297

Since then he has been about a .240 hitter. Will he keep his numbers where they are in 2006? Maybe, and maybe bringing David Clyde to the Majors was a good idea.

On to Gary Mathews Jr., referred to from here on as GMJ. Here is what John Dewan’s assessment of GMJ is from the Fielding Bible.

Gary Matthews Jr. - Matthews picked the ideal time to have his career year, throwing fuel on the fire for contract year believers. He's ranked 8th on defense and has a strong arm. Obviously he's not a true .332 hitter, but the All-Star appearance, The Catch, his defense, and his ability to hit for power make the 32 year-old quite a commodity. He makes less than $2.4 mil this year and will probably become overpaid from here on out.

Let’s take a look at the teams that are rumored to be looking to move pitching:

The Chicago Cubs- The Cubs are sorry. They have an aging Maddox who knows how to pitch and has all the experience in the world. Maddox is the definition a control pitcher so arm problems are not a risk. However the Cubs have stated that Maddox will not be traded anywhere without his consent so a midseason trade to the American League isn’t very likely. If I had to guess where Maddox will go? Philadelphia

The White Sox- The Sox are rumored to have an interest in upgrading their rotation with Jason Schmitt and thus dealing another player elsewhere. That makes Jon Garland, Javier Vazquez and Freddy Garcia available for a price.

The Tigers- Its’ well known that the Tigers are looking to add a power bat. Would they be interested in DeRosa and GMJ? Sure. Who would they make available? The only pitcher is see the Tigers moving is probably Kenny Rogers. I know my counterpart on this sight would love it, but does anyone else think that is a good idea?

The Nationals- The Nats have been shopping Livian Hernandez for months. His numbers this year are far from impressive, despite pitching in a "pitchers park." The buzz around the trading block is the Nats think they can ask a huge price for him. Plus his huge contract expires at the end of next season. Excuse me, I don’t see Hicks raising Beer and Parking prices for Hernandez. I do see Hicks raising Beer and Parking prices for no valid reason, however. (to recoup losses from the NHL strike, University of Texas recruiting “donation” for a quarterback, Hicks still owes Chan Ho Park more money somehow, etc.)

The A’s- Yes, Barry Zito is a free agent after this season and yes Billy Beene would love to get something for him. There is no way in hell he would trade him to the team in competition for the West. I don’t think Zito goes anywhere until November.

The Marlins- Strange things are going on in Miami these days. The Marlins looked content to sell off the talent and start stockpiling youngsters until they reach Las Vegas/San Antonio/Portland. The Marlins are a very good young team. They realistically don’t have a chance to win the east but could make a run at the wild card with the NL in a down year. If the Marlins make the playoffs, all bets are off. However the scuttlebutt is Willis is on the table but I would guess that the Rangers would have to ship out one from category A and one from category B:

A. Danks, Diamond or Volquez

B. Kinsler, Botts or Rheinecker

You don’t think its worth it? Willis is a great pitcher and will probably be an ace for a long time. I would offer the worst of the A list (I don’t know who is best) and Botts. Odds are on member of DVD lives up to the hype. If two of them due the Rangers will be very lucky. All three? Not likely.

Finally, like an old, fatally ill man searching for the fountain of youth, you have the Yankees. As a general rule, anyone the Yankees are willing to trade is either a washed up veteran or an over-hyped rookie. If Cashman calls Jon, don’t answer the phone.

There you have it, anyone that may help is going to be overpriced. I think the best bet is to try and trade DeRosa and GMJ for one of the surplus White Sox starters and hope a change of scenery can get him back on his game. Willis is intriguing and if the Rangers have any doubts about any of the DVD boys, they are never going to be worth more than they are now. If they persue Willis, Botts is a small price to pay. I mean, how times have the Rangers ever really needed another big bat?

Happy All Star Break everybody!

2 out of 3.... not too bad

Teixeira and GMJ went long to beat up the Twins.... and I think it is safe to say that Santana and Francisco Liriano were not given enough credit in previous posts. Nevertheless, Rangers took 2/3 and going into the break this is a good omen. Hopefully we can come back firing on all 8!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Welcome to Arlington......

We are at home and this is a hitter's park so lets hope Rudy's speech had an effect. We're gonna need to shell this guy to gain some confidence. We have a capable pitcher that is pretty damn intimidating, lets see what happens....

Word has it that Harriston is in left and batting second....we need a REAL "get off the pot" moment or two from this guy.

beat their ass the way Dave Chappelle rules.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Come on Buck......are you serious?

Wasdin gets the nod tonight against the Twins who Buck refers to as the "team playing better than everyone else" at this point..... Sure Buck. The Royals just handed them three back to back to back beatings. I say all of this not to really bag on the Twins, but to pull the curtain on our guy Buck that seems a little less than honest. All I'm looking for here is not the canned response he consistantly gives. Is the AL Central tough? Damn right, two of the best teams in baseball are in this division and Minnesota isn't too far behind, but "the best of any team in baseball"???

B.S. - Buck.

I hope Rudy's speech yesterday has a lasting impact, and we can develop some momentum at home. Kinsler is the guy to watch for some fireworks tonight and hopefully the rest of the boys will follow suit. If you guys have any insight on what I have written please give me some feedback. Silly picture time: Who doesn't like Uncle Rico???

P.S. Yankee's suck

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I just heard Charlie Steiner tell me via XM Radio that Kenny Rogers is now 11-3 for the season, and I figured that I would pass that along......Thanks Hicks, another in a long line of great moves.

Finally one for the win column!

Toronto got smoked, and we took 2/3. Jaramillo did a little motivational speaking and the bats then did the talking. This guy is the Tony Robbins of the batters box! Apparently the discussion was a little heated, and look at the response! Let us hope that we can break free of the slump and beat up the Twins...

It is hard to make the case that the Rangers would be much of a team without Rudy...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Job Promotion

Sorry for the massive delay in posts!! A promotion at work has given me the opportunity to forfeit all of the free time I was acustomed to.... So, here's what I missed apparently:

Rangers lose
Rangers lose
Koronka is a beast; yet Rangers lose
Where the hell did Oakland come from (Rangers Lose)
Gary Matthews Jr. = Godlike.....(Rangers Lose)

I think you get the trend...

What happened. I expect this type of behavior AFTER the All Star Break! I have recently spent some time back in the DFW area and my cabinet of friends and other couch authorities describe that the problem stems from management's inability to commit to a certain philosphy (improve farm system or buy a team). Any Texas Rangers fan has notice a significant amount of bumbling around in this area for years, as a matter of fact, we have changed philosophy twice this season alone with statements like:

"We need more arms, we should go after Milwood, Clemens, Zeto and Smoltz. but I can't see the logic in paying one of the leading AL starters any more cash....we better fire Rogers before we actually get a steadfast starting rotation"

OR hang on wait a sec....

We should develop Danks, Diamond.....etc. only to shop them for a forseeably washed up player or two that cost out the rear."

I see this as managments attempt to do just enough to get by. I would like to suggest to management that since it is painfully obvious their intention is only to line their pockets, that creating a post season caliber team entitles them to post season dollars. Post season play leads to a fan base more willing to tolerate post season ticket prices (even in June). All of this banter is leading somewhere I promise....

With this lack of motivation from managment to commit to a philosophy, are we seeing now the team turning to a more "who cares" attitude? Some singular achievments aside it looks like the boys are just tired of this. Buck wouldn't tell the fans/media anything of usefullness as his job seems more and more like a PR excuse maker. I have been to other towns, and I have seen an effort to win by other organizations and comparatively we are marginal at best. Hopefully, the guys can piece together something to knock off Oakland and their winning streak while regaining first in the AL West. I'll be watching....

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Not much to say, went to the game on Sunday against the A's. The Rangers took the game 4-3 and Botts had his first big league homerun. The Rangers take the series 2-1 and hold on to first with a cozy 3 game lead. With the Angels lacking an offensive weapon not named Vlad Guerrero, the Rangers may steal the AL West- not that anyone in Dallas would notice. I don't know how this club stacks up against the Central, East and Wildcard in the playoffs. This team is starting to come together though with Kinsler healthy and Botts a nice suprise. Daniels and Co. need to take a serious look around at the deadline or even sooner if the Rangers plan on making a pennant run. Dontrelle Willis can be obtained at the right price. Zito is probably not attainable as conventional wisdom suggests he is a New Yorker come November and the A's would prefer to trade him out of the division or league. That said Texas is in first for Memorial Day.

Here's some Journey

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No more Mr. Nevin

Finally the Rangers are going to address the Phil Nevin situation. Jason Botts has been called up from Triple A.

As Botts is blocked at first by Tex, look for him to split time in the outfield and DH.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday Random Post

Posted by Dan in Texas

Adam at Lonestar ball is reporting that Shouse has been traded to the Brewers.
"Just saw a newsflash from Jamey Newberg, saying that the Rangers have traded Brian Shouse to the Milwaukee Brewers for Enrique Cruz and a PTBNL."

Shouse has struggled a bit and now injured but, I really liked what he had as a LOOGY. I thing Daniels could/should have gotten more.

Ken Rosenthal reports:

Add the Rangers to the list of teams that will be interested if the Marlins decide to trade left-hander Dontrelle Willis, who, after winning 22 games last season, is 1-4 with a 6.22 ERA.

Yeah, this will happen, right after the Rangers sign Clemens and just before they trade Alfonseca to the A's for Barry Zito. Rosenthal is usually pretty good at trade rumors but this one is way off. I'm sure Willis' pitching woes can be cured by a trade to the ballpark.

Speaking of Alfonseca, I have to go as security is reporting a giant headed man attempting to bring in a package. More later.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I told you so...

Hey, 5 people that randomly stumbled on to this site. I know we haven’t posted much but we prefer to go by the Hicks style of supply and demand:

When we start getting 3,000 hits a day then we will post once a day.

Get it?

I didn’t think so; it doesn’t work for Hicks either.

Anyway I was right; Alfonseca is out to get me. Ghost’s of 96 has received the following menacing email:

Dear Ghosts,
The Boy is quite astute, I am out to get him; though so far un-suc-sess-fully. He’s quite wily, like his
favorite player.


P.S. Moooooohahahahahhaahhahahahahaha

I told you so. Now my life is in danger for 520 lousy hits. Thanks a lot Ranger fans.

Security has been doubled, I will try to post again Monday, if I last that long.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Yankees Suck

Posted by Dan in Texas

Why is Phil Nevin batting in the 5 hole? That provides no protection for Mark Teixerira. Why would any sane manager pitch to Tex with Nevin waiting on deck? Granted Nevin is a right handed batter granted and Hank is a Lefty and Tex hits switch. Most pitchers are righthanded. Buck’s decision must be that a Lefty Lefty combo would be inviting for the opposing manager would insert his LOOGY (Left-Handed One Out Guy.) Regardless of that thinking Nevin has no business in the 5 hole.

I “enjoyed” two of the three games against the evil empire. That was awful. The Yankees have some kind of Mojo against the Rangers. Loe and Tejada were roughed up badly. Besides Shouse, I haven’t seen a great pitcher on the whole staff. Milwood has been shakey, not bad, Loe has looked good at times as has Koronka. This may be a long season. With the Angels stumbling the Rangers have a shot at the West. Danks, Diamond, and Volquez better get ready in a hurry.

I hate the Yankee series. It is embarrassing when “Lets go Yankees” is all over Mortgage Company Ballpark in Arlington. Shame on those that didn’t join me with “Yankees Suck.”

More on the game soon, as I have pictures that will be up soon.

Sorry for the shortage of posts lately, Tom and I have had hectic schedules. It’s not like anyone reads this site anyway.

Oh, and I think Alfonseca is out to get me.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Cordero is out!!!

Finally it seems that Cordero's tenure as the guy just gently lobbing the ball over the plate so that the other team may snatch victory from the jaws of defeat is over. All I can say is that I am very excited to see this, and maybe we will give the Indians a game.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another Big Win- Almost

Posted by Dan in Texas

Looks like my counterpart jumped the gun on the game today’s game. Dan Johnson and his gargantuan .145 batting average got to Cordero again.
Buck needs to answer a question:

Why was he sent to close a day came after pitching the night before?

Buck is an awful manager and should have been fired after last season. I am a stubborn bastard too, but Buck’s management is at the least asinine and at most insane.

Cordero has been pretty reliable in the past but usually when closers loose their “stuff” it’s tough to turn it around. See Braden Looper, and Danny Graves.

I’ve got to agree with my esteemed colleague. I love Mench’s turn around but honestly why can’t a 28 year old man figure out his own shoe size?

That was an awful loss of a winnable game.

another big win!

I have to say the boys are putting up some good numbers as of late! Mench is still rolling! If he's not careful he may just turn the corner. Some are reporting that the reason Mench's foot was nagging him was due to poorly fitting shoes, and after increasing the shoe size this injury is on the mend. I personally don't know how much stock to put in this rumor, but I certainly am glad to see him performing better no matter what the reason. Way to go fellas!

I have purchased tickets to game 2 of the three game set here in Cleveland....

Go Rangers and we'll see you in Cleveland!!

Monday, April 24, 2006


What an awesome feeling it is to sweep. Something admittedly that Rangers fans don't get to feel quite often enough is the victorious pride that comes with a sweep.

I have been a bit busy this last week with home remodeling, wedding planning, selling a vehicle, etc... so it was mighty comforting to see that Mench is attempting to redeem himself in the hope of keeping his position. Tied atop the AL West with the Angels (I hate the stupid monkey!)

The next series is against let us hopethe winning will continue!

Go Rangers!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A win over Seattle

Rangers are picking up steam it looks like with a win over Seattle

A couple of long balls helped the situation nicely. 3 out of the last 4 is nice!


Friday, April 14, 2006

A win.....but forecast does not look real great.....

We had a good trounce of LA ANGELS OF ANAHEIM OF CALIFORNIA OF THE U.S... Does anyone else find comfort in the thought of savagely beating that stupid rally monkey? All wishful thinking aside, one out of three kinda stinks. We have not been playing bad baseball either(with the exception of R.A.'s batting clinic).

I am pretty sick and tired of folks not acknowledging how tough this division is. I have watched Seattle consistantly whip the Indians who (according to everyone up here) are a playoff lock already! Cleveland took 1 out of 3 and I have to say that they were lucky as hell to get that. While on the subject....I hate Ichiro. I hate this guy because he can catch anything hit past the infield. He can throw a laser-beam to home plate while damn near at the fence. He can hit to any field at any time and he aint afraid of NOTHING. To me, this guy represents a true ball player and it scares the hell out of me when we have to pitch to him and no one ever once suspected this guy of roiding it up! I wish he was a Ranger. Our outfield looks like a joke in comparison to the Greer-Hamilton-Gonzalez combination of 96.... I don't want to be the guy who just bitches and doesn't offer a solution so why don't we start with this? Meaningful games in September translates to getting some outfielders that can get base hits.....(see afore mentioned Ichiro subject) I see Nix and Mench continue to hack at terrible pitches ALWAYS swinging for the fences! level the swing and friggin make contact with the ball. I find it hard to believe that Rudy is telling them to hack at horrible pitches.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Are You Having a Good Time?

Posted by Dan in Texas

Roller coasters
Holy roller
I got shot down in Southern California

-Leroy Williams

Wow, that was disappointing. I really thought the Rangers would get to Lackey better than 4 hits.

A few notes:

Why is Ian Kinsler hitting in the 9 hole? I know Buck is old school but with offense sputtering miserably and Kinlser with the hot bat anything to jumpstart the offense at this point seems reasonable.

Shouse seems like a great LOOGY to have in the pen. I know the discussing Ranger deficienties is like saying the Chan Ho Park was slightly overpaid, but the Farm better produce a big league quality arm or this season may go down the tubes fast. Shouse would be a great addition to a quality arm to add to a loaded staff. The pitches Anderson got were just nasty.

I don’t know what the boys over at Lonestar Ball are talking about, but the Angels look like one of the powers in the AL West not to mention MLB. One could make an argument that Shields and KRod are the best setup/closer deal in the game.

Dispite a disappointing showing at the plate, Tex looked great in the field. I hope this guy stays in Arlington his whole career.

Finally, that last at bat by Mench was pathetic. I’m sorry Shrek but that was a sick attempt at an at-bat. Ugly- that’s all I can say down right ugly.

That’s all for tonight for my thoughts on the Rangers. The bats better warm up or the Rangers will be so deep in the cellar this team will be out by the All-Star Break.

Tom has had a long trip on the east coast so I will shoulder the majority of the recaps during the west coast swing.

Weaver vs. Bauer tomorrow and it doesn’t look good.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Posted by Dan in Texas

Well 2-5 isn’t a great start for the ’06 Rangers but beating Rogers was sweet.

I have to be honest here Ranger fans. I have hated Kenny Rogers since a horrific performance some 6 years ago. Let it go you say?

I say nay, nay.

I know my counterpart was against letting Kenny walk but ½ of the Ghost’s of 96 says good riddance.

Wilkerson started out the season slow but came through big today at the Ballpark sending Rogers to the showers with a chorus of boos from the Texas faithful.

From my love of NL East baseball, I know Padilla would be a solid starter and so far he hasn’t proved be wrong.

Not much more on today’s game but the upcoming series is crucial. The Rangers depart for Anaheim/LA/San Bernardino, what ever. If the Rangers falter in this series, the rest of ’06 figures to be an uphill climb. I think the series hinges on Nevin and Wilkerson. If they don’t come up big this series should be painful.

The pitching match-ups should be:
Kam Loe v John Lacky on Monday
Rick Bauer v Jeff Weaver Tuesday
John Koronka v Kelvim Escobar on Wednesday

I cant say I have a whole lot of confidence in Bauer over Weaver. Escobar is questionable due to an injury of his pitching hand and may not start. Loe has the edge Monday.

This is the first test of the season for the Rangers and will be a litmus test for the 2006 season.

Dan in Texas prediction:

Rangers take games 1 and 3 to win the series.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Loe almost had em'

No Rangers again up here, but I did get to see the game between St. Louis and Philly last night, which if you are a Rangers fan is like watching The View in Spanish. Loe almost had em last night until the seventh. I have to say that it was a great attempt boys. Score

Beat up the Tigers!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rangers Win Over Boston

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of Padilla, but he put on a great start last night allowing only four hits in 6 innings..... a very difficult thing to do in Arlington. Take a look at the box score here

Phil Nevin beat Wakefield when he hung a knuckler and I didn't get to see anything because ESPN had underwater womens cycling on. Another choice was the Barry Bonds promo hour on ESPN2......yeah this is much better than BASEBALL! There were only eight games going on, why program ANY OF THEM...instead lets try to glorify an extremely pig headed junkie in reality TV format. Way to go ESPN...ya really got your finger on the pulse of the modern day sports fan. Ya know, this is the same idiot that pitched game shows to MTV. I can see him in the ESPN offices now, laughing and giving the finger guns while selling this to a programming director....thank God for XM Radio.

It's a good day; Yankee's lose, Rangers win and I get to throw in a "finger gun" reference!

REDSUX v RANGERS tonight @ 7:05 check XM's HOME PLATE for channel # (If in a remote part of the planet such as Ohio)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Opening Day Re-cap

First off, I'd like to say.....Boomer, you are a noodge. Is there a way I can make him go away? While being forced to listen to the ESPN commentary here in Northeast Ohio I got to hear Boomer's ridiculous stream of (un)consciousness. The great thing is that at one point (I am not sure who it was) someone called him out and totally blasted one of Boomers asinine comments. This gave me hope that perhaps someone who has a little more pull than me is tired of this (i say again) Noodge. If it is any consequence, I hear that Josh Lewin's forced antics on the local broadcast were just as bad if not worse than Boomer's stupidity.


...on to base ball. We got thumped. (I especially like the extra batting glove in the back pocket of David Ortiz prominently displaying the middle finger. What a class act.) Not much can be said here other than our bats didn't warm up and Milwood hung a few that later resulted in hits (some of which have yet to land). On the bright side, I'm anxious to see a bigger and badder Hank Blalock. I am hoping for a bit of sibling rivalry here and see Hank return to the offensive threat from days past.

Clemens made yet another appearance at the Ballpark in Arlington. Does this guy just want free food or something? SH#% OR GET OFF THE POT! I personally believe this guy just wants to see how much free crap Hicks will give him. At this point, I could care less wheather or not this guy signs or not.

If he DOES sign then we can expect a vain addition to the starting rotation maybe about once a month at the cost of somewhere in the neighborhood of the gross domestic product of Mexico.

If he DOES NOT sign then I'm sure every naysayer reporter and armchair fan will blame whatever pitching woes the Rangers may have on this incident.

Will Clemens be the pitching answer that will result in a division winning team? Seriously, do you think that Clemens will bring that much to the rotation?

Move on Hicks.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Welcome to the start of the regular season.

I recomend a half day at on this one!! It seems like even in the remote wilderness of what is Northeast Ohio that I may get the opertunity to see the season opener!!! YAY! Taking a half day to go home and watch the festivity and gradure! Happy opener to all, and good luck Rangers!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Told you so...Sort of

Posted by Dan in Texas

Well good readers, as if anyone is reading this, I was right- sort of. I previously predicted that the Rangers would trade Dellucci. I knew the Rangers would deal him. I expected outfield help.

The trade sends Dellucci to the Phillies (I was close- the NL East) for right-hander Robinson Tejada. The trade was most likey made in response to Adam Eaton's finger surgery; expected to keep him out for at least 12 weeks. The trade also brings outfielder Jake Blalock ( Hank's younger brother) to help a defensively challenged outfieild.

That's right Ranger fans, get your news here before it happens.

Half of it anyway.

Scoreboard! - sort of.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

“Meaningful Games in September”

Posted by Dan in Texas

Jon Daniels was on the DFW local news as he was interviewed for the 10pm news last night.
Wow the local news knows that there is a baseball team in town? Wow.
Anyway, Not that the local news would ask any intriguing questions but Daniels made the statement that the Rangers look to play:

“Meaningful games in September”

I have been a Mets fan my whole life and let me translate what the Phrase “Meaningful games in September” really means.

Don’t get your hopes up. We are gonna get kicked around our division. If for some reason Oakland, Seattle and Anaheim (LA whatever) stumble out of the gate or get serious bugs we may hang around a couple games out of contention. That is until they right the ship and knock us out.

That’s not comforting. In fact it’s the GM’s kiss of death for the season.

I know everybody says this but the Rangers are hurting for a true centerfielder. Wilkerson is a great player, but a corner outfielder. Delucci can’t play center. Nix is a strikeout machine. The Fort Worth Star Telegram has speculated that Joey Gathright is the subject of trade talk.

Which brings us to Tampa Bay's Joey Gathright, a player the Rangers have been watching closely. He's a speedster who stole 20 bases in just 203 at-bats (.270 average) last season with the Devil Rays and another 31 in 226 ABs at Triple A (.305 with a .388 on-base percentage).
"His name has come up frequently," a Rangers official confirmed.

Again, as a Mets fan first I can tell you that trade talks with Tampa Bay are a waste of time. If they know you have a need they will negotiate a trade equal or close to equal value. When the deal is almost done the comeback and demand prospects. I think the only way Gathright comes to Texas is if Danks or Diamond goes to Tampa Bay along with whatever else was originally bargained for in the first place.

Not to mention that the Rangers are an organization known for saying things to disguise their true intentions.

I would like to make a prediction. Read carefully. I’m not reporting, I’m predicting:

The Rangers will make a trade of Dellucci for Endy Chavez.

Again that’s pure speculation. I have no source, just a guess.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Odds and ends

Posted by Dan in Texas

This is too funny. For those of you too lazy to follow the link the headline is:
Kenny Rogers agrees to anger management class

I would love to see that. Goosefrabba Gambler, Goosefrabba. I wish someone would film it.

Wait for it…

Two, three, four…

On the home front the Texas Rangers actually have a pretty good marketing plan/ fan appreciation campaign scheduled this year. I received an offer via email for an invite to a pre-game party and free tickets to the April 1st Marlins Rangers exhibition game: The event is supposed to be Loda Dimes and Superstring. The event kicks off the campaign which includes:

Rangers TV announcer Josh Lewin and his band Independent George April 3. I like Josh but come on man.

American Idol semifinalist artist Celena Rae April 8 I use the work artist loosely

A Radio Disney-themed pre-game concert on May 27 Definately skip that one. I know baseball and kids go together but I don’t want to be in their section

Green River Ordinance, June 16. whoever that is

Additional artists for concerts on July 28, August 12, Christian music concert on September 2, and September 16's Hispanic Heritage Night will be announced at a later date
The Beatles debut at Shea Stadium it is not but not a bad idea from the Rangers’ Brass. Oh yeah and Robert Earl Keen

"Following the Saturday afternoon game (12:20 p.m.) of the Lone Star series versus the Houston Astros, country music star and native Texan Robert Earl Keen will perform on the newly renovated north lawn area called The Patio."

I have been a big fan of Robert Earl Keen since college. I don't know alot about music but I am certain that Live Dinner No. 2 was one of the greatest albums of all time and rivals Springsteen’s 1975-1985 Live album for the best live album ever. This is a pretty big name for the Rangers to give away. And why is Ranger management making sound decisions that are meant to enhance fan’s experience?

This is the first time in a while the Rangers promotions haven’t been a total scam. They had 70’s concession night where they advertised like everything was at 70’s prices. The only thing that was cheap was candy and popcorn.

I guess this could be a scam too but I’m not sure how. Maybe they just play the CD over the P.A. after the game or something. Barring that, it seems like things are changing for the better in Arlington. Big name Ace Millwood signed the return of the Winter Carnival and now Keen? I’m impressed Mr. Daniels.

Hey, if you’re reading this John, lower beer prices while you are at it. It’s cheaper at the strip clubs for Christ sake. Oh, and since I’m making demands go back to red hats, those were cool.

Other than that, Ranger news of note has been scarce.

Happy Friday and have a good weekend.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Early Season Forecast

Posted By Dan in Texas

In case you haven’t been reading (and judging by the site counter, you haven’t) I haven’t been posting regularly. I bought a new Laptop and hoped to be able to post daily, but apparently paying for a brand new computer doesn’t insure it works.

Not that care or even like the Cowboys, but the T.O signing has dominated DFW sports. This is the reason I’ve always had a problem with Metroplex (90’s word) fans. My colleague is the exception to the rule of course. That said, the Rangers always seem to be a minor point of interest in this area, taking a backseat to the Cowboys. Listening to local radio (as I sometimes do when the O&A show or MLB Home Plate is not interesting or wasting time on things I don’t care about) makes me want to call in and scream to any and all P1s P2s and assorted P3s


Granted the Rangers have never won a World Series, appeared in a World Series or even won a playoff series and the Cowboys have won 5 Superbowls blah, blah blah… But come on! Fall turns to spring as does a young mans fancy turn to the great game of baseball.

Not to rip the ticket too much but Norm, Greggo and Rhynes, and the Musers discuss Ranger Baseball at a minimum and have little real knowledge outside of the Rangers, not counting stats of course. Any attempt to delve into national league ball is met by delusional pronouncements and illogical conjecture. Bob and Dan seem to keep a firm grasp on the state of the game and are the most under-rated show on the ticket.

Anywho, I was just thinking about the Rangers season and have come up with 5 key elements to the Rangers season in respect to a playoff run. I did not include the obvious “stay healthy, consistent pen, etc” (I hate when people do that. It’s so obvious. It’s like stating I think the Rangers will win most of their games if they score more runs than the other team.)

Back to my original forecast.

Oh, and I am usually a great prognosticator when it comes to matters of baseball but I’m sure I missed one or two points and (on the offhand chance that anyone reads this) I welcome anyone who would like to add some I may forget in the comments section. I changed the setting so it is very easy to comment. Post anonymously if you must.

95 wins- I think without a shadow of a doubt that 95 wins will be the minimum for winning the West. The Angels will undoubtedly be the team to beat in the East. The A’s and Mariners can always come out of nowhere and surprise people. 95 wins means October baseball in Arlington.

Buck leads his men- Buck lost this team last year. In most instances when a team quits on their skipper the skip will be cleaning out his office by the end of the year. I don’t like Buck that much (more on that at a later date) but he is a good Field General. Last year’s poll of all active managers revealed that he is equaled only by Frank Robinson for players loath. One could venture that when Buck always tows the company line it would grate on his players. The Milwood signing was the first step to showing the players that this team is ready to win and will add top shelf pitching if the chance arises. They need to follow-up. The John Daniels era may really be an organizational shift in behavior (though with Hart still an “advisor” it seems tough to swallow.) Buck needs to take the players side on demanding more from management if he wants the core guys to get on board. Signing Tex was also another good step but if things get ugly early, the team could quit before the All-Star break. Buck is great field marshal but if he can’t restore the clubhouse chemistry that seemed to drive the team in 04 then the solders might not follow him into battle.

Big wins in big games early- This team is still young and series wins over the Bo Sox and Yanks could get this team on an early rocket to the top. The Yankee’s have always been a team that Texas couldn’t handle in crunch time. A big victory over Boston and The Evil Empire could make these guys believe they are champions now. Conversely getting slapped around early will
A. Put you way behind the Angels and maybe the A’s and M’s.
B. Makes it real easy to feel despar and then see Buck leads his men

Blalock. I think he has been nursing a minor injury. I can’t prove it and have no evidence but it’s a gut feeling. I think Hank playing a complete season will be key to Ranger Success.

Orel- Bulldog departure and the promotion of Mark Connor may be a major adjustment for Texas. I know Mazonne leaving Atlanta was only facilitated because of a prior relationship. The Rangers have the Best in the game at Hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo. Go get a real pitching coach. I know Conner has been with Buck during the Yankee Years and the Diamond Back years but there are 3 potentially great arms coming up and need a top flight pitching coach to guide them to maturity.

Please feel free to comment.

Oh and before I go...
No one is left out there via free agency save Clemens but if the Sox are looking to move Clement, Mench would seemingly be the bat the Sox are looking for. one of the DVD boys might have to be added but that seems like a reasonable price. Mench leaving does make the outfield very shaky on the offensive tip but with the bats in the infield, a solid defensive leftfielder may be easy to acquire. Wilkerson will be a big contributor this season baring injury. Wilkerson’s presence in the outfield and an upgrade of pitching make Mench expendable.

The little chatter I hear is regarding Clemens, Wells. Clemens is not the answer. Wells would be more of a distraction than any kind of help. Wells is cancer and Clemens, well just a Douche.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

WBC continues without USA

well, since I last posted, the American team was eliminated from the WBC by Mexico. This is ok I guess as I mentioned in my last post I really wasn't able to follow it as close as I wanted to anyway, not to mention the regular season opener is a bit more important and easier to keep tabs on. I just cannot get over the tout the American team was given at the start of this whole thing. Our reporter friends would have had me believe that this thing was in the bag; well now we know where to send the scouts.

Dominican Republic is gone from the WBC......Cuba's team wins 3-1 as Soriano waves at an ugly junk pitch to end the game. I feel a bit of bitter sweet satisfaction as Soriano yet again fails to be as cool as he thinks he is....good luck Washington dealing with that guy.

Texas did not do so well against Arizona today, but while trying to stay positive Millwood has a couple of starts before the opener to work out some kinks. Tough start, have a look at this: Recap

Good News for the Dallas Stars tonight:
Stars win! A heck of a shootout at the end and the Stars come out on top versus the San Jose Sharks. Way to go boys! Mike and Zubi showed their colors again today; what a game!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Rangers kept things close against SF but lose 3-2. The good news about it was that Danks didn’t look too bad at all.

The WBC is going on and I have to say my interest in this is declining a bit. I was at first very excited saying things like: “ The season starts a month early with a big competition against the rest of the planet. This oughta be good!” Now, I’m finding that there may be a televised game on a Tuesday afternoon sandwiched between the androgynous womens armwrestling match and two white guys boxing. I really want to be into this, but it's pretty tough to follow anything but the following day's headlines without an XM radio at work. I find myself now attempting to wait patiently for opening day to get here and refocus on spring training.

Meanwhile, anticipation over the rotation is crazy. I know I am one of the few here, but could The Rocket coming to the Ballpark be a good thing? Now before we REALLY get into this let me say that YES he's a great pitcher, YES he'll end up in Cooperstown, and YES we could benefit a little in the short term by getting him in the lineup. The question here becomes (at least to me) what is our motivation behind this?.... is it to win or to put butts in the seats? This would be a massive investment in a guy that would start once every blue moon and I can't seem to find anyone that is not just completely enamored with this idea. I beg you the fan with an opinion to give me some ideas as to why I should not see this as an attempt to change the objective of the team philosophy yet again. I may be wrong but concentrating on our farm system and promoting from within as was the agenda last season could be hampered seriously by overpaying for an aging superstar whose intentions are perhaps more financial than anything else. Help me understand!!


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ready for REAL baseball...

posted by Tom in Ohio

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping in! Time for the intro: My name is Tom and I am a Texas Rangers fan stuck in a media market(Ohio) geared for everything but Rangers Baseball. This is a brand new blog devoted to those people who care for Rangers baseball, and with the intent to foster a bit of discussion about things that may or may not be covered with the scrutiny it deserves. The title of the blog here is a throwback to one of the most exciting Rangers squads to take the field in Arlington under the guidance of Johnny Oates. My Mets pal Dan and I spent more time in the new ballpark than we did at home. We bought the cheap seats in the third deck over Rusty Greer in left field, or squeezed into the bleachers waiting to catch a dinger from any number of guys in the lineup. (Currently, while there is snowfall in Akron, the memory of 100 degrees in the sun on an August afternoon watching a ballgame is like bliss.) What an awesome season that was; not to take away from other playoff runs we have had since, but that was great. Moving on, a little bit about what you will most likley encounter on this page......we'll get started with pure unabashed Yankee hatred. Sorry for all of the middle of the road fans who may be indifferent, but this is the bunch who is responsible for dashing all of the hopes and successes of post season play in almost every occasion. We may often scrutinize some decision making from the front office as well. To sum this up, it's going to hopefully be an interesting place for everyone to read and comment on Rangers news that isn't tainted by one media bias or another including some management folks. I will be posting again a little later today, so stay tuned!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

We are Live

Posted by Danintexas

Thank you for stopping by. Today this post was created to give Ranger fans somewhere else to turn for Ranger news and commentary. This will be the Blog for Ranger fans independent of the view printed in the Dallas Star Telegram and Dallas Morning News.

I am Danintexas, the Co-author of this blog and have a blog at Lonestar Met. I am a Mets fan but have adopted the Rangers as my AL team.

The other Co-author is TominOhio, a displaced Ranger Fan.

This Blog will attempt to discuss, criticize and debate this team from management to game play to fan and media relations. Please bookmark this site as we will begin to publish within the next few days.