Tuesday, March 28, 2006

“Meaningful Games in September”

Posted by Dan in Texas

Jon Daniels was on the DFW local news as he was interviewed for the 10pm news last night.
Wow the local news knows that there is a baseball team in town? Wow.
Anyway, Not that the local news would ask any intriguing questions but Daniels made the statement that the Rangers look to play:

“Meaningful games in September”

I have been a Mets fan my whole life and let me translate what the Phrase “Meaningful games in September” really means.

Don’t get your hopes up. We are gonna get kicked around our division. If for some reason Oakland, Seattle and Anaheim (LA whatever) stumble out of the gate or get serious bugs we may hang around a couple games out of contention. That is until they right the ship and knock us out.

That’s not comforting. In fact it’s the GM’s kiss of death for the season.

I know everybody says this but the Rangers are hurting for a true centerfielder. Wilkerson is a great player, but a corner outfielder. Delucci can’t play center. Nix is a strikeout machine. The Fort Worth Star Telegram has speculated that Joey Gathright is the subject of trade talk.

Which brings us to Tampa Bay's Joey Gathright, a player the Rangers have been watching closely. He's a speedster who stole 20 bases in just 203 at-bats (.270 average) last season with the Devil Rays and another 31 in 226 ABs at Triple A (.305 with a .388 on-base percentage).
"His name has come up frequently," a Rangers official confirmed.

Again, as a Mets fan first I can tell you that trade talks with Tampa Bay are a waste of time. If they know you have a need they will negotiate a trade equal or close to equal value. When the deal is almost done the comeback and demand prospects. I think the only way Gathright comes to Texas is if Danks or Diamond goes to Tampa Bay along with whatever else was originally bargained for in the first place.

Not to mention that the Rangers are an organization known for saying things to disguise their true intentions.

I would like to make a prediction. Read carefully. I’m not reporting, I’m predicting:

The Rangers will make a trade of Dellucci for Endy Chavez.

Again that’s pure speculation. I have no source, just a guess.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Odds and ends

Posted by Dan in Texas

This is too funny. For those of you too lazy to follow the link the headline is:
Kenny Rogers agrees to anger management class

I would love to see that. Goosefrabba Gambler, Goosefrabba. I wish someone would film it.

Wait for it…

Two, three, four…

On the home front the Texas Rangers actually have a pretty good marketing plan/ fan appreciation campaign scheduled this year. I received an offer via email for an invite to a pre-game party and free tickets to the April 1st Marlins Rangers exhibition game: The event is supposed to be Loda Dimes and Superstring. The event kicks off the campaign which includes:

Rangers TV announcer Josh Lewin and his band Independent George April 3. I like Josh but come on man.

American Idol semifinalist artist Celena Rae April 8 I use the work artist loosely

A Radio Disney-themed pre-game concert on May 27 Definately skip that one. I know baseball and kids go together but I don’t want to be in their section

Green River Ordinance, June 16. whoever that is

Additional artists for concerts on July 28, August 12, Christian music concert on September 2, and September 16's Hispanic Heritage Night will be announced at a later date
The Beatles debut at Shea Stadium it is not but not a bad idea from the Rangers’ Brass. Oh yeah and Robert Earl Keen

"Following the Saturday afternoon game (12:20 p.m.) of the Lone Star series versus the Houston Astros, country music star and native Texan Robert Earl Keen will perform on the newly renovated north lawn area called The Patio."

I have been a big fan of Robert Earl Keen since college. I don't know alot about music but I am certain that Live Dinner No. 2 was one of the greatest albums of all time and rivals Springsteen’s 1975-1985 Live album for the best live album ever. This is a pretty big name for the Rangers to give away. And why is Ranger management making sound decisions that are meant to enhance fan’s experience?

This is the first time in a while the Rangers promotions haven’t been a total scam. They had 70’s concession night where they advertised like everything was at 70’s prices. The only thing that was cheap was candy and popcorn.

I guess this could be a scam too but I’m not sure how. Maybe they just play the CD over the P.A. after the game or something. Barring that, it seems like things are changing for the better in Arlington. Big name Ace Millwood signed the return of the Winter Carnival and now Keen? I’m impressed Mr. Daniels.

Hey, if you’re reading this John, lower beer prices while you are at it. It’s cheaper at the strip clubs for Christ sake. Oh, and since I’m making demands go back to red hats, those were cool.

Other than that, Ranger news of note has been scarce.

Happy Friday and have a good weekend.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Early Season Forecast

Posted By Dan in Texas

In case you haven’t been reading (and judging by the site counter, you haven’t) I haven’t been posting regularly. I bought a new Laptop and hoped to be able to post daily, but apparently paying for a brand new computer doesn’t insure it works.

Not that care or even like the Cowboys, but the T.O signing has dominated DFW sports. This is the reason I’ve always had a problem with Metroplex (90’s word) fans. My colleague is the exception to the rule of course. That said, the Rangers always seem to be a minor point of interest in this area, taking a backseat to the Cowboys. Listening to local radio (as I sometimes do when the O&A show or MLB Home Plate is not interesting or wasting time on things I don’t care about) makes me want to call in and scream to any and all P1s P2s and assorted P3s


Granted the Rangers have never won a World Series, appeared in a World Series or even won a playoff series and the Cowboys have won 5 Superbowls blah, blah blah… But come on! Fall turns to spring as does a young mans fancy turn to the great game of baseball.

Not to rip the ticket too much but Norm, Greggo and Rhynes, and the Musers discuss Ranger Baseball at a minimum and have little real knowledge outside of the Rangers, not counting stats of course. Any attempt to delve into national league ball is met by delusional pronouncements and illogical conjecture. Bob and Dan seem to keep a firm grasp on the state of the game and are the most under-rated show on the ticket.

Anywho, I was just thinking about the Rangers season and have come up with 5 key elements to the Rangers season in respect to a playoff run. I did not include the obvious “stay healthy, consistent pen, etc” (I hate when people do that. It’s so obvious. It’s like stating I think the Rangers will win most of their games if they score more runs than the other team.)

Back to my original forecast.

Oh, and I am usually a great prognosticator when it comes to matters of baseball but I’m sure I missed one or two points and (on the offhand chance that anyone reads this) I welcome anyone who would like to add some I may forget in the comments section. I changed the setting so it is very easy to comment. Post anonymously if you must.

95 wins- I think without a shadow of a doubt that 95 wins will be the minimum for winning the West. The Angels will undoubtedly be the team to beat in the East. The A’s and Mariners can always come out of nowhere and surprise people. 95 wins means October baseball in Arlington.

Buck leads his men- Buck lost this team last year. In most instances when a team quits on their skipper the skip will be cleaning out his office by the end of the year. I don’t like Buck that much (more on that at a later date) but he is a good Field General. Last year’s poll of all active managers revealed that he is equaled only by Frank Robinson for players loath. One could venture that when Buck always tows the company line it would grate on his players. The Milwood signing was the first step to showing the players that this team is ready to win and will add top shelf pitching if the chance arises. They need to follow-up. The John Daniels era may really be an organizational shift in behavior (though with Hart still an “advisor” it seems tough to swallow.) Buck needs to take the players side on demanding more from management if he wants the core guys to get on board. Signing Tex was also another good step but if things get ugly early, the team could quit before the All-Star break. Buck is great field marshal but if he can’t restore the clubhouse chemistry that seemed to drive the team in 04 then the solders might not follow him into battle.

Big wins in big games early- This team is still young and series wins over the Bo Sox and Yanks could get this team on an early rocket to the top. The Yankee’s have always been a team that Texas couldn’t handle in crunch time. A big victory over Boston and The Evil Empire could make these guys believe they are champions now. Conversely getting slapped around early will
A. Put you way behind the Angels and maybe the A’s and M’s.
B. Makes it real easy to feel despar and then see Buck leads his men

Blalock. I think he has been nursing a minor injury. I can’t prove it and have no evidence but it’s a gut feeling. I think Hank playing a complete season will be key to Ranger Success.

Orel- Bulldog departure and the promotion of Mark Connor may be a major adjustment for Texas. I know Mazonne leaving Atlanta was only facilitated because of a prior relationship. The Rangers have the Best in the game at Hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo. Go get a real pitching coach. I know Conner has been with Buck during the Yankee Years and the Diamond Back years but there are 3 potentially great arms coming up and need a top flight pitching coach to guide them to maturity.

Please feel free to comment.

Oh and before I go...
No one is left out there via free agency save Clemens but if the Sox are looking to move Clement, Mench would seemingly be the bat the Sox are looking for. one of the DVD boys might have to be added but that seems like a reasonable price. Mench leaving does make the outfield very shaky on the offensive tip but with the bats in the infield, a solid defensive leftfielder may be easy to acquire. Wilkerson will be a big contributor this season baring injury. Wilkerson’s presence in the outfield and an upgrade of pitching make Mench expendable.

The little chatter I hear is regarding Clemens, Wells. Clemens is not the answer. Wells would be more of a distraction than any kind of help. Wells is cancer and Clemens, well just a Douche.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

WBC continues without USA

well, since I last posted, the American team was eliminated from the WBC by Mexico. This is ok I guess as I mentioned in my last post I really wasn't able to follow it as close as I wanted to anyway, not to mention the regular season opener is a bit more important and easier to keep tabs on. I just cannot get over the tout the American team was given at the start of this whole thing. Our reporter friends would have had me believe that this thing was in the bag; well now we know where to send the scouts.

Dominican Republic is gone from the WBC......Cuba's team wins 3-1 as Soriano waves at an ugly junk pitch to end the game. I feel a bit of bitter sweet satisfaction as Soriano yet again fails to be as cool as he thinks he is....good luck Washington dealing with that guy.

Texas did not do so well against Arizona today, but while trying to stay positive Millwood has a couple of starts before the opener to work out some kinks. Tough start, have a look at this: Recap

Good News for the Dallas Stars tonight:
Stars win! A heck of a shootout at the end and the Stars come out on top versus the San Jose Sharks. Way to go boys! Mike and Zubi showed their colors again today; what a game!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Rangers kept things close against SF but lose 3-2. The good news about it was that Danks didn’t look too bad at all.

The WBC is going on and I have to say my interest in this is declining a bit. I was at first very excited saying things like: “ The season starts a month early with a big competition against the rest of the planet. This oughta be good!” Now, I’m finding that there may be a televised game on a Tuesday afternoon sandwiched between the androgynous womens armwrestling match and two white guys boxing. I really want to be into this, but it's pretty tough to follow anything but the following day's headlines without an XM radio at work. I find myself now attempting to wait patiently for opening day to get here and refocus on spring training.

Meanwhile, anticipation over the rotation is crazy. I know I am one of the few here, but could The Rocket coming to the Ballpark be a good thing? Now before we REALLY get into this let me say that YES he's a great pitcher, YES he'll end up in Cooperstown, and YES we could benefit a little in the short term by getting him in the lineup. The question here becomes (at least to me) what is our motivation behind this?.... is it to win or to put butts in the seats? This would be a massive investment in a guy that would start once every blue moon and I can't seem to find anyone that is not just completely enamored with this idea. I beg you the fan with an opinion to give me some ideas as to why I should not see this as an attempt to change the objective of the team philosophy yet again. I may be wrong but concentrating on our farm system and promoting from within as was the agenda last season could be hampered seriously by overpaying for an aging superstar whose intentions are perhaps more financial than anything else. Help me understand!!


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ready for REAL baseball...

posted by Tom in Ohio

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping in! Time for the intro: My name is Tom and I am a Texas Rangers fan stuck in a media market(Ohio) geared for everything but Rangers Baseball. This is a brand new blog devoted to those people who care for Rangers baseball, and with the intent to foster a bit of discussion about things that may or may not be covered with the scrutiny it deserves. The title of the blog here is a throwback to one of the most exciting Rangers squads to take the field in Arlington under the guidance of Johnny Oates. My Mets pal Dan and I spent more time in the new ballpark than we did at home. We bought the cheap seats in the third deck over Rusty Greer in left field, or squeezed into the bleachers waiting to catch a dinger from any number of guys in the lineup. (Currently, while there is snowfall in Akron, the memory of 100 degrees in the sun on an August afternoon watching a ballgame is like bliss.) What an awesome season that was; not to take away from other playoff runs we have had since, but that was great. Moving on, a little bit about what you will most likley encounter on this page......we'll get started with pure unabashed Yankee hatred. Sorry for all of the middle of the road fans who may be indifferent, but this is the bunch who is responsible for dashing all of the hopes and successes of post season play in almost every occasion. We may often scrutinize some decision making from the front office as well. To sum this up, it's going to hopefully be an interesting place for everyone to read and comment on Rangers news that isn't tainted by one media bias or another including some management folks. I will be posting again a little later today, so stay tuned!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

We are Live

Posted by Danintexas

Thank you for stopping by. Today this post was created to give Ranger fans somewhere else to turn for Ranger news and commentary. This will be the Blog for Ranger fans independent of the view printed in the Dallas Star Telegram and Dallas Morning News.

I am Danintexas, the Co-author of this blog and have a blog at Lonestar Met. I am a Mets fan but have adopted the Rangers as my AL team.

The other Co-author is TominOhio, a displaced Ranger Fan.

This Blog will attempt to discuss, criticize and debate this team from management to game play to fan and media relations. Please bookmark this site as we will begin to publish within the next few days.