Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Not much to say, went to the game on Sunday against the A's. The Rangers took the game 4-3 and Botts had his first big league homerun. The Rangers take the series 2-1 and hold on to first with a cozy 3 game lead. With the Angels lacking an offensive weapon not named Vlad Guerrero, the Rangers may steal the AL West- not that anyone in Dallas would notice. I don't know how this club stacks up against the Central, East and Wildcard in the playoffs. This team is starting to come together though with Kinsler healthy and Botts a nice suprise. Daniels and Co. need to take a serious look around at the deadline or even sooner if the Rangers plan on making a pennant run. Dontrelle Willis can be obtained at the right price. Zito is probably not attainable as conventional wisdom suggests he is a New Yorker come November and the A's would prefer to trade him out of the division or league. That said Texas is in first for Memorial Day.

Here's some Journey

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No more Mr. Nevin

Finally the Rangers are going to address the Phil Nevin situation. Jason Botts has been called up from Triple A.

As Botts is blocked at first by Tex, look for him to split time in the outfield and DH.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday Random Post

Posted by Dan in Texas

Adam at Lonestar ball is reporting that Shouse has been traded to the Brewers.
"Just saw a newsflash from Jamey Newberg, saying that the Rangers have traded Brian Shouse to the Milwaukee Brewers for Enrique Cruz and a PTBNL."

Shouse has struggled a bit and now injured but, I really liked what he had as a LOOGY. I thing Daniels could/should have gotten more.

Ken Rosenthal reports:

Add the Rangers to the list of teams that will be interested if the Marlins decide to trade left-hander Dontrelle Willis, who, after winning 22 games last season, is 1-4 with a 6.22 ERA.

Yeah, this will happen, right after the Rangers sign Clemens and just before they trade Alfonseca to the A's for Barry Zito. Rosenthal is usually pretty good at trade rumors but this one is way off. I'm sure Willis' pitching woes can be cured by a trade to the ballpark.

Speaking of Alfonseca, I have to go as security is reporting a giant headed man attempting to bring in a package. More later.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I told you so...

Hey, 5 people that randomly stumbled on to this site. I know we haven’t posted much but we prefer to go by the Hicks style of supply and demand:

When we start getting 3,000 hits a day then we will post once a day.

Get it?

I didn’t think so; it doesn’t work for Hicks either.

Anyway I was right; Alfonseca is out to get me. Ghost’s of 96 has received the following menacing email:

Dear Ghosts,
The Boy is quite astute, I am out to get him; though so far un-suc-sess-fully. He’s quite wily, like his
favorite player.


P.S. Moooooohahahahahhaahhahahahahaha

I told you so. Now my life is in danger for 520 lousy hits. Thanks a lot Ranger fans.

Security has been doubled, I will try to post again Monday, if I last that long.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Yankees Suck

Posted by Dan in Texas

Why is Phil Nevin batting in the 5 hole? That provides no protection for Mark Teixerira. Why would any sane manager pitch to Tex with Nevin waiting on deck? Granted Nevin is a right handed batter granted and Hank is a Lefty and Tex hits switch. Most pitchers are righthanded. Buck’s decision must be that a Lefty Lefty combo would be inviting for the opposing manager would insert his LOOGY (Left-Handed One Out Guy.) Regardless of that thinking Nevin has no business in the 5 hole.

I “enjoyed” two of the three games against the evil empire. That was awful. The Yankees have some kind of Mojo against the Rangers. Loe and Tejada were roughed up badly. Besides Shouse, I haven’t seen a great pitcher on the whole staff. Milwood has been shakey, not bad, Loe has looked good at times as has Koronka. This may be a long season. With the Angels stumbling the Rangers have a shot at the West. Danks, Diamond, and Volquez better get ready in a hurry.

I hate the Yankee series. It is embarrassing when “Lets go Yankees” is all over Mortgage Company Ballpark in Arlington. Shame on those that didn’t join me with “Yankees Suck.”

More on the game soon, as I have pictures that will be up soon.

Sorry for the shortage of posts lately, Tom and I have had hectic schedules. It’s not like anyone reads this site anyway.

Oh, and I think Alfonseca is out to get me.