Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Extra Innings in Cleveland

I am impressed by how the Rangers really wanted this one. By Rangers I mean everybody except Cruz... You know...he's the mope in right field that couldn't catch anything all night, or hit a baseball even if they put it on a tee. I hope everyone else is noticeing this lack of baseball talent. I have seen this before, but at least Gonzales could hit. Good points of tonight are:
1. Young seems to be coming out of his slump...I hope.
2. Kinsler is still a beast
3. Sosa is not as bad as I thought (so far)
4. Benoit sure did well
too bad we lost... sure was an exciting though.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Charlie Don't Surf!

Just want to say after several months of dedicating all of my efforts to work and other responsible duties that are included with being a newly married man, that it is horribly boring and consequently my focus will once again return to baseball.

Rangers got a hold of Oakland last night and took 2 wins out of a three game set. Honors go to Hank last night with a clutch hit to bring Texas up, but Gange hits the DL.

Moving on... I REALLY enjoyed this:

I love seeing a pissed off manager. Many contend that if this were a notable relevant team, Manuel would be fired already. However, since this is Philadelphia we are talking about we have to assume a couple things:

First, all of the fans look like this:

(give or take the feathered mullet or sleaveless "Who-Farted" shirt)

Next, bearing the amazing resemblance to JOURNEY, we also have to assume the nature of the average Philadelphien is as classless as current culture will allow(I mean just look at Eagles fans.)

Suffice it to say that Charles has found a lovely home simply based on his attitude to local media, not to mention the horrible way in which he manages a team.

I do like how he goes after ridiculous questions in a press conference after a loss. Remember this is PHILADELPHIA media that is behind this. Well thats my 2 cents anyway.

The boys are going to be playing Seattle tonight, I'll be watching. Get'em boys!

P.S. Expect more soon!