Friday, September 22, 2006

Lies, Lies, Lies

By Dan in Texas

I have been a Mets fan since Birth. When I came to Texas I adopted the Rangers as my second favorite team. I have that luxury as the Mets and Rangers only square off about every 5-6 years. Of course it is possible for the Rangers to Meet the Mets in the World Series.

I said possible, not probable.

Evan Grant of the Dallas morning news reported the “Rangers to break even financially” despite decrease in ticket sales in Friday’s edition. I like Evan, I really do, but Mr. Grant I have two words for that headline “Panther Piss.”

Tom Hicks, don’t lie to me through Evan Grant. How dumb do you think people are? These stories are an excuse to raise concession prices or why you can't sign quality free agents.

Notice in the story how it mentions the Rangers are considering “Variable Pricing Schedule.”

Several other teams use that pricing method such including the Mets. Variable Pricing means that a seat at Shea Stadium that costs $25 when the Pirates come to New York costs $35 when the Braves come and $55 for the subway series games.

This story is obviously a test balloon for that method while getting people used to the fact that the Rangers do not plan on even thinking about Zito, Schmidt, Hernandez, etc during the Winter Meetings.

Oh and if Carlos Lee bolts for the money he’s worth then it isn’t Hicks fault, it’s the Ranger fans.

Try and convince me that “Variable Pricing” is just and attempt to cash in on the only series Hicks seems to care about, Rangers-Yankees. Go ahead, I’m waiting…

I don’t believe for a second that Hicks didn’t clear a $68 million dollar payroll this season if you add up:

-Local TV revenue
-Fox game of the week revenue
-Their share of playoff and World Series TV and Radio revenue
-Satellite Radio
-Local radio
-Advertising sales
-Merchandise revenue
-Licensing revenue
-Video game licensing
-Ameriquest naming rights money.

All before you even add up Ticket sales.

I am not crying for Tom Hicks.

I would like to ask Tom Hick these two questions:

“How come we never hear the stories of how much any team profits?”


“If you can’t make money with this organization why not sell it? Mark Cuban has made it public record that he will be a player for the next MLB franchise that goes on sale.”

And how come after hearing all these stories no one is shocked when MLB or an organization flat out REFUSES to open its books and show a balance sheet?

I have a friend that told me he is protesting by not going to any games or purchasing Rangers merchandise. Sure it hits Hicks in the only other thing he cares about besides Texas Longhorn football: His check book. Simple and effective but not likely to change current trends. I've never been a big believer in sports apathy.

Anyone care to start a fan base revolt?

Not likely since Hicks has the one thing that has taken his falure's at running a baseball fanchise and bailed him out year after year:

Cowboys Football

If Rangers fans would get as upset about Rangers franchise stratagy as they do about who the back-up quarterback or right tackle is this town just might see a World Series.

Don't hold your breath...

Sometimes I don’t blame Ranger fans for not getting as excited about Rangers baseball as I am about Mets baseball and it is really a shame.