Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Trading Time

Today the great Ken Rosenthal discussed the prospect of the Rangers and Yankees making a deal involving in principal players Phil Hughes and All-star first baseman Mark Teixeira, along with Eric Gagne and Akinori Otsuka. Rosenthal proposes the Yankees should make a deal for Tex not involving Hughes. Rosenthal writes:

The Rangers' plan should be to hold out for Hughes, then accept other prospects from the Yankees' improved farm system, if necessary.

I really have a problem if the Rangers pull the trigger on Rosenthal's deal. I feel if the Rangers are able to get Boston involved, not only could they acquire another player in the deal, they could likely take Otsuka off the table.

If I am Jon Daniels, the second I hang up with Yankees GM Brian Cashman, I am calling Boston.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Extra Innings in Cleveland

I am impressed by how the Rangers really wanted this one. By Rangers I mean everybody except Cruz... You know...he's the mope in right field that couldn't catch anything all night, or hit a baseball even if they put it on a tee. I hope everyone else is noticeing this lack of baseball talent. I have seen this before, but at least Gonzales could hit. Good points of tonight are:
1. Young seems to be coming out of his slump...I hope.
2. Kinsler is still a beast
3. Sosa is not as bad as I thought (so far)
4. Benoit sure did well
too bad we lost... sure was an exciting though.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Charlie Don't Surf!

Just want to say after several months of dedicating all of my efforts to work and other responsible duties that are included with being a newly married man, that it is horribly boring and consequently my focus will once again return to baseball.

Rangers got a hold of Oakland last night and took 2 wins out of a three game set. Honors go to Hank last night with a clutch hit to bring Texas up, but Gange hits the DL.

Moving on... I REALLY enjoyed this:

I love seeing a pissed off manager. Many contend that if this were a notable relevant team, Manuel would be fired already. However, since this is Philadelphia we are talking about we have to assume a couple things:

First, all of the fans look like this:

(give or take the feathered mullet or sleaveless "Who-Farted" shirt)

Next, bearing the amazing resemblance to JOURNEY, we also have to assume the nature of the average Philadelphien is as classless as current culture will allow(I mean just look at Eagles fans.)

Suffice it to say that Charles has found a lovely home simply based on his attitude to local media, not to mention the horrible way in which he manages a team.

I do like how he goes after ridiculous questions in a press conference after a loss. Remember this is PHILADELPHIA media that is behind this. Well thats my 2 cents anyway.

The boys are going to be playing Seattle tonight, I'll be watching. Get'em boys!

P.S. Expect more soon!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Guess who’s coming to dinner…

Posted by Dan in Texas

ESPN.com reports:

The Texas Rangers have offered Sammy Sosa a minor league contract and invited him to spring training, where the veteran slugger would have the chance to make the major league club.

Now to be fair to Jon Daniels, the Rangers are taking a chance without much risk. If Sosa is able to make a comeback and earn a paycheck, he provides a sorely needed righthanded bat. If he falls flat and confirms the commonly held belief; Sammy Sosa is done in baseball.

No harm here right? I mean win-win right?


Allow me to express this from a fan’s perspective.


It’s a fact that Sammy corked his bat. It was on tape; no one can argue otherwise. Except Sammy of course. Sammy’s excuse, he corked that bat to give the fans a show in batting practice. As if a hitter that can put up 50 plus dingers during regular play needed to give the few fans that actually showed up for batting practice an extra thrill. Gee thanks Sammy.

I can’t point to proof, that Sammy had juiced, though one can’t help remember Sammy’s performance on Capitol Hill. A man with countless commercials and appearances where he spoke conversational English suddenly forgot the language. Make your own judgment.

Laughing Stock:

Might Sammy put a few extra butts in the seats in Arlington. No doubt that John Rocker and Jose Canseco did. The Rangers were also a joke employing two individuals with little character and helped the team in no noticeable way. Canseco’s head did give up a home run. Oh, and, according to his book, pumped steroids into himself and teammates. Rocker, Canseco and Sammy Sosa: fitting isn’t it? The Rangers need to start putting an elite team on the field, not a freak show.


This one is just my feelings: I hate Sammy Sosa. I hate that show he put on during the “Summer of Love” with Mark McGuire. I hate the way he carries himself, he comes off as false and phony. I hate the stupid hop after his big hits and I hate the pointing and kissing of his hands. I just find no redeemable features in Sammy Sosa whatsoever.


That’s right, Sammy’s homerun count stands at 588. Sammy needs only 12 homeruns to get to 600. If Sammy can hit those 12 dingers and achieve the feat of 600 home runs, he will be taken seriously by HOF voters when he is eligible. No Ranger fan wants to see this disgrace accomplish that achievement in Ranger duds.

Despite the need for a big right-handed bat, I hope he has little or no success in spring training and cut from the team or banished to AAA to fade into obscurity.