Wednesday, October 07, 2009

we are kinda good; FOR SALE

Tom Hicks;I don't feel like managing a squad......naw....naw....I'd rather sit on the nice leather couch and have a microwave dinner after I touch myself.

Getting ..... Broken......must.....try........

(I think Detroit Lions have won more post season games than the Rangers all time....)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

What the f^ck

Awesome article I just read off the Yahoo site....(article here) It foretells the future by indicating that the Rangers are firing Hank Blalock. Ron Washington quoted as saying they "just don't see any playing time for him". I have a soft spot for franchise players. It tells me that this guy likes the game and may not all be about the money.

So here we are, mathematically eliminated again from any possibility of post season play and the retarded antics from the Hick's office immediately go to work. We are booting a franchise player from the roster simply because we no longer have the payroll for him. As a Rangers fan, I see this as a whizzing shotput to the balls. The Rangers have languished in mediocrity for years; yet all they do is bitch about payroll. Now I am not stupid, I see that perhaps Hank got bumped down the depth chart with the advent of Davis, but any team that wants to win will have at least a few all-stars on it. Pony up you bitches. The math is terribly simple. You want to win, you pay the fuck big swinging dicks to come play for you. That's it.

Let's take for instance one of the big name a fore mentioned big swinging dicks that have hit the market recently. Torii Hunter player known for flawless defense and a heavy bat goes on the auction block. A characteristic move from Texas: Throw some low-ball, pantie waste, offer into the ring and immediately proclaim"We're pulling out all the stops; we want to win with {insert name here}". Things progress and where the fuck do you think he goes.....fuckin Angels. What? I thought the Rangers wanted to win? Nahh, they want to put just enough asses into the seats to pay the bills and still have enough money for Tom Hicks to bathe his bean bag in a fine vintage congac. All I have to say is I am done praying that maybe one day we luck into a playoff run that doesn't end in a dry anal rape from the spankees.

So, while Nolan continues to attempt to turn water into wine with our bull pen, and Daniels continues to be the cracker in Hick's circle jerk party I am ready for another rebuilding year where we throw away talent with yesterdays paper and pass on anything that could turn into a positive acquisition. Hey you never know, maybe in another 37 years we will have made it to the playoffs a couple times only to get handed the first round ass-kick by the Yankees.....

Hey Rangers, why don't you have some loyalty to the guy that stayed with you for his entire career. We can find some place for an all star like this can't we? Maybe slide him a couple of dollars? Otherwise, he's gonna go knock the cover off the fuckin ball for New York or LA. Besides, it's not like your planning to go out and buy talent; we have seen how that goes.

Oh and if it IS all about cash you greedy idiots, then how much money do you think you'd make hosting a couple rounds of playoff action? If you packed The Ballpark in Arlington (or whatever fucking corporate douchebaggery they have substituted for the name Ballpark in Arlington) a few times you would make a shit pile of money and you would have real fans like I used to be....

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hank the Hammer

I have heard mixed reviews on Hank....and last night is a great example as to why the Hammer's naysayers need to take a hike. He got a little motivated last night and put two over the fence to win it in the ninth inning by 9-7. I like the kinda quiet guy persona he displays in the locker room. He is not too public, but he'll come out to sign for kids and do charity events and things like that. When it comes to game day the hat goes down just above his eyes and he's all business. You don't see him jawing the umpire and kicking dirt if he strikes out, he just tucks his chin to his chest and plays hard. Hank works well with the rest of the team and you get the feeling every guy has a lot of respect for him. Way to go Hank. You have a fan up in Ohio and several down there in Arlington.

Within a half game of being back atop the AL West.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

The season got off to a slow start and to any Rangers fan's suprise they began doing something that had not been done in years.....winning. Winning undoubtedly due to the fact our home jerseys have been dubbed an interesting shade of red you see(much like 1996). However, despite this season beginning burst of winning it seems as though the grandure has worn off. After leading the American League West for a while they have relinquished the lead once again to our "rally monkey" pals in the greater Los Angeles/Anaheim area. After being ostensibly violated by the rally monkey 5-2 in the first game of the series, the Rangers came out in an awesome display of fireworks with a 5 homerun game winning 9-5.

Only a game and change behind that bastard rally monkey, but I'm pretty peeved at dumping a 6 game lead in the division to these guys. I know they play pretty good ball, but much like the Yankees the Angels present some kind of "super-team" aura that will somehow many times result in beating the Rangers before they even take the field.

In other news out of California, that crazy political hatchet wench Nancy Pelosi and her band of friggin idiots over there are getting geeked up about perhaps the most invasive environmental bill to have ever been suggested in Congress...H.R. 2454 the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. Say hello to socialism friends....where the government will tell you what to drive and tax you for it. Where the government will dictate how hot or cold your house or apartment will be and tax you for it....and much much more.
Never heard of this you say? Neither had I until I tuned into a local radio guy that has been largely dismissed by most media since he presents a somewhat logical republican argument on a regular basis. No you haven't even heard rumblings of this from FOX news probably since they are covering the latest reality TV show "AMERICA'S GOT CRABS" or Michael Jackson's death by Oxy/Viagra bender.
Here is what I suggest to whom ever may eventually come across this poorly written post.... read this garbage bill and contact your local senator. Tell him/her they are a socialistic asshat if they actually vote this in. Then, tell your representation that Nancy Pelosi should at least let someone read the national health care bill that she's hiding before congress moves that through as well. Unless of course you actually agree with this Marxist crap. In that case, I wouldn't stoop so low to call you a misinformed environmental zealot who most likely travels the country in hemp-wear speaking the dangers of CO2 emissions and carbon footprints. No, I wouldn't do that. Instead I think I'd tell you honestly that YOU need more than anyone else to read this thing and realize: They are going to take your bong and your VW bus away in the name of environmentalism. Then one day you'll be out front of your spacious one bedroom eco-douche apartment hula-hooping your little heart out and suddenly come to the realization that "shit maaaan, this sucks!"

Glad to be posting again....I'll update the rest of this crap soon!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

wow more great press

So it has been a while since posting, soley because of apathy. Since posting last, I have gotten to know the joys of fatherhood, and continued pain and agony associated with full time employment. Enough about me, I would like to get to the Rangers.

Recently I have been witness to moments of greatness, by folks like Josh Hamilton, and Chris Davis. Of course being so far outside the loop of local North Texas news, the only national press the Rangers have received really is curious to see if our bullpen can continue to suck as much as it has or can it actually get worse(CJ Wilson)? Evidently there is question regarding his if judging by past performance we really need to hear the words "yes I'm hurt". Like so many other decisions made within this organization, I don't get why we didn't take steps to avoid this.

Doesn't look like the playoffs are a reachable goal. Again, kinda saw this before the allstar break. Overall, I have seen some flashes of greatness so far this season, and provided Jon Daniels and Tom Hicks don't sell prospects and talent for a half empty bag of Corn Nuts and a toilet brush we could be building a fairly good team. Nolan has scrapped some pitching staff and I can't say that he doesn't know about pitching, so the sentiment here is that this can only be good. Go Rangers, and I'll be crossing fingers for a wildcard spot!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Trading Time

Today the great Ken Rosenthal discussed the prospect of the Rangers and Yankees making a deal involving in principal players Phil Hughes and All-star first baseman Mark Teixeira, along with Eric Gagne and Akinori Otsuka. Rosenthal proposes the Yankees should make a deal for Tex not involving Hughes. Rosenthal writes:

The Rangers' plan should be to hold out for Hughes, then accept other prospects from the Yankees' improved farm system, if necessary.

I really have a problem if the Rangers pull the trigger on Rosenthal's deal. I feel if the Rangers are able to get Boston involved, not only could they acquire another player in the deal, they could likely take Otsuka off the table.

If I am Jon Daniels, the second I hang up with Yankees GM Brian Cashman, I am calling Boston.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Extra Innings in Cleveland

I am impressed by how the Rangers really wanted this one. By Rangers I mean everybody except Cruz... You know...he's the mope in right field that couldn't catch anything all night, or hit a baseball even if they put it on a tee. I hope everyone else is noticeing this lack of baseball talent. I have seen this before, but at least Gonzales could hit. Good points of tonight are:
1. Young seems to be coming out of his slump...I hope.
2. Kinsler is still a beast
3. Sosa is not as bad as I thought (so far)
4. Benoit sure did well
too bad we lost... sure was an exciting though.