Thursday, August 07, 2008

wow more great press

So it has been a while since posting, soley because of apathy. Since posting last, I have gotten to know the joys of fatherhood, and continued pain and agony associated with full time employment. Enough about me, I would like to get to the Rangers.

Recently I have been witness to moments of greatness, by folks like Josh Hamilton, and Chris Davis. Of course being so far outside the loop of local North Texas news, the only national press the Rangers have received really is curious to see if our bullpen can continue to suck as much as it has or can it actually get worse(CJ Wilson)? Evidently there is question regarding his if judging by past performance we really need to hear the words "yes I'm hurt". Like so many other decisions made within this organization, I don't get why we didn't take steps to avoid this.

Doesn't look like the playoffs are a reachable goal. Again, kinda saw this before the allstar break. Overall, I have seen some flashes of greatness so far this season, and provided Jon Daniels and Tom Hicks don't sell prospects and talent for a half empty bag of Corn Nuts and a toilet brush we could be building a fairly good team. Nolan has scrapped some pitching staff and I can't say that he doesn't know about pitching, so the sentiment here is that this can only be good. Go Rangers, and I'll be crossing fingers for a wildcard spot!