Wednesday, October 07, 2009

we are kinda good; FOR SALE

Tom Hicks;I don't feel like managing a squad......naw....naw....I'd rather sit on the nice leather couch and have a microwave dinner after I touch myself.

Getting ..... Broken......must.....try........

(I think Detroit Lions have won more post season games than the Rangers all time....)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

What the f^ck

Awesome article I just read off the Yahoo site....(article here) It foretells the future by indicating that the Rangers are firing Hank Blalock. Ron Washington quoted as saying they "just don't see any playing time for him". I have a soft spot for franchise players. It tells me that this guy likes the game and may not all be about the money.

So here we are, mathematically eliminated again from any possibility of post season play and the retarded antics from the Hick's office immediately go to work. We are booting a franchise player from the roster simply because we no longer have the payroll for him. As a Rangers fan, I see this as a whizzing shotput to the balls. The Rangers have languished in mediocrity for years; yet all they do is bitch about payroll. Now I am not stupid, I see that perhaps Hank got bumped down the depth chart with the advent of Davis, but any team that wants to win will have at least a few all-stars on it. Pony up you bitches. The math is terribly simple. You want to win, you pay the fuck big swinging dicks to come play for you. That's it.

Let's take for instance one of the big name a fore mentioned big swinging dicks that have hit the market recently. Torii Hunter player known for flawless defense and a heavy bat goes on the auction block. A characteristic move from Texas: Throw some low-ball, pantie waste, offer into the ring and immediately proclaim"We're pulling out all the stops; we want to win with {insert name here}". Things progress and where the fuck do you think he goes.....fuckin Angels. What? I thought the Rangers wanted to win? Nahh, they want to put just enough asses into the seats to pay the bills and still have enough money for Tom Hicks to bathe his bean bag in a fine vintage congac. All I have to say is I am done praying that maybe one day we luck into a playoff run that doesn't end in a dry anal rape from the spankees.

So, while Nolan continues to attempt to turn water into wine with our bull pen, and Daniels continues to be the cracker in Hick's circle jerk party I am ready for another rebuilding year where we throw away talent with yesterdays paper and pass on anything that could turn into a positive acquisition. Hey you never know, maybe in another 37 years we will have made it to the playoffs a couple times only to get handed the first round ass-kick by the Yankees.....

Hey Rangers, why don't you have some loyalty to the guy that stayed with you for his entire career. We can find some place for an all star like this can't we? Maybe slide him a couple of dollars? Otherwise, he's gonna go knock the cover off the fuckin ball for New York or LA. Besides, it's not like your planning to go out and buy talent; we have seen how that goes.

Oh and if it IS all about cash you greedy idiots, then how much money do you think you'd make hosting a couple rounds of playoff action? If you packed The Ballpark in Arlington (or whatever fucking corporate douchebaggery they have substituted for the name Ballpark in Arlington) a few times you would make a shit pile of money and you would have real fans like I used to be....