Friday, April 28, 2006

Cordero is out!!!

Finally it seems that Cordero's tenure as the guy just gently lobbing the ball over the plate so that the other team may snatch victory from the jaws of defeat is over. All I can say is that I am very excited to see this, and maybe we will give the Indians a game.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another Big Win- Almost

Posted by Dan in Texas

Looks like my counterpart jumped the gun on the game today’s game. Dan Johnson and his gargantuan .145 batting average got to Cordero again.
Buck needs to answer a question:

Why was he sent to close a day came after pitching the night before?

Buck is an awful manager and should have been fired after last season. I am a stubborn bastard too, but Buck’s management is at the least asinine and at most insane.

Cordero has been pretty reliable in the past but usually when closers loose their “stuff” it’s tough to turn it around. See Braden Looper, and Danny Graves.

I’ve got to agree with my esteemed colleague. I love Mench’s turn around but honestly why can’t a 28 year old man figure out his own shoe size?

That was an awful loss of a winnable game.

another big win!

I have to say the boys are putting up some good numbers as of late! Mench is still rolling! If he's not careful he may just turn the corner. Some are reporting that the reason Mench's foot was nagging him was due to poorly fitting shoes, and after increasing the shoe size this injury is on the mend. I personally don't know how much stock to put in this rumor, but I certainly am glad to see him performing better no matter what the reason. Way to go fellas!

I have purchased tickets to game 2 of the three game set here in Cleveland....

Go Rangers and we'll see you in Cleveland!!

Monday, April 24, 2006


What an awesome feeling it is to sweep. Something admittedly that Rangers fans don't get to feel quite often enough is the victorious pride that comes with a sweep.

I have been a bit busy this last week with home remodeling, wedding planning, selling a vehicle, etc... so it was mighty comforting to see that Mench is attempting to redeem himself in the hope of keeping his position. Tied atop the AL West with the Angels (I hate the stupid monkey!)

The next series is against let us hopethe winning will continue!

Go Rangers!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A win over Seattle

Rangers are picking up steam it looks like with a win over Seattle

A couple of long balls helped the situation nicely. 3 out of the last 4 is nice!


Friday, April 14, 2006

A win.....but forecast does not look real great.....

We had a good trounce of LA ANGELS OF ANAHEIM OF CALIFORNIA OF THE U.S... Does anyone else find comfort in the thought of savagely beating that stupid rally monkey? All wishful thinking aside, one out of three kinda stinks. We have not been playing bad baseball either(with the exception of R.A.'s batting clinic).

I am pretty sick and tired of folks not acknowledging how tough this division is. I have watched Seattle consistantly whip the Indians who (according to everyone up here) are a playoff lock already! Cleveland took 1 out of 3 and I have to say that they were lucky as hell to get that. While on the subject....I hate Ichiro. I hate this guy because he can catch anything hit past the infield. He can throw a laser-beam to home plate while damn near at the fence. He can hit to any field at any time and he aint afraid of NOTHING. To me, this guy represents a true ball player and it scares the hell out of me when we have to pitch to him and no one ever once suspected this guy of roiding it up! I wish he was a Ranger. Our outfield looks like a joke in comparison to the Greer-Hamilton-Gonzalez combination of 96.... I don't want to be the guy who just bitches and doesn't offer a solution so why don't we start with this? Meaningful games in September translates to getting some outfielders that can get base hits.....(see afore mentioned Ichiro subject) I see Nix and Mench continue to hack at terrible pitches ALWAYS swinging for the fences! level the swing and friggin make contact with the ball. I find it hard to believe that Rudy is telling them to hack at horrible pitches.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Are You Having a Good Time?

Posted by Dan in Texas

Roller coasters
Holy roller
I got shot down in Southern California

-Leroy Williams

Wow, that was disappointing. I really thought the Rangers would get to Lackey better than 4 hits.

A few notes:

Why is Ian Kinsler hitting in the 9 hole? I know Buck is old school but with offense sputtering miserably and Kinlser with the hot bat anything to jumpstart the offense at this point seems reasonable.

Shouse seems like a great LOOGY to have in the pen. I know the discussing Ranger deficienties is like saying the Chan Ho Park was slightly overpaid, but the Farm better produce a big league quality arm or this season may go down the tubes fast. Shouse would be a great addition to a quality arm to add to a loaded staff. The pitches Anderson got were just nasty.

I don’t know what the boys over at Lonestar Ball are talking about, but the Angels look like one of the powers in the AL West not to mention MLB. One could make an argument that Shields and KRod are the best setup/closer deal in the game.

Dispite a disappointing showing at the plate, Tex looked great in the field. I hope this guy stays in Arlington his whole career.

Finally, that last at bat by Mench was pathetic. I’m sorry Shrek but that was a sick attempt at an at-bat. Ugly- that’s all I can say down right ugly.

That’s all for tonight for my thoughts on the Rangers. The bats better warm up or the Rangers will be so deep in the cellar this team will be out by the All-Star Break.

Tom has had a long trip on the east coast so I will shoulder the majority of the recaps during the west coast swing.

Weaver vs. Bauer tomorrow and it doesn’t look good.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Posted by Dan in Texas

Well 2-5 isn’t a great start for the ’06 Rangers but beating Rogers was sweet.

I have to be honest here Ranger fans. I have hated Kenny Rogers since a horrific performance some 6 years ago. Let it go you say?

I say nay, nay.

I know my counterpart was against letting Kenny walk but ½ of the Ghost’s of 96 says good riddance.

Wilkerson started out the season slow but came through big today at the Ballpark sending Rogers to the showers with a chorus of boos from the Texas faithful.

From my love of NL East baseball, I know Padilla would be a solid starter and so far he hasn’t proved be wrong.

Not much more on today’s game but the upcoming series is crucial. The Rangers depart for Anaheim/LA/San Bernardino, what ever. If the Rangers falter in this series, the rest of ’06 figures to be an uphill climb. I think the series hinges on Nevin and Wilkerson. If they don’t come up big this series should be painful.

The pitching match-ups should be:
Kam Loe v John Lacky on Monday
Rick Bauer v Jeff Weaver Tuesday
John Koronka v Kelvim Escobar on Wednesday

I cant say I have a whole lot of confidence in Bauer over Weaver. Escobar is questionable due to an injury of his pitching hand and may not start. Loe has the edge Monday.

This is the first test of the season for the Rangers and will be a litmus test for the 2006 season.

Dan in Texas prediction:

Rangers take games 1 and 3 to win the series.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Loe almost had em'

No Rangers again up here, but I did get to see the game between St. Louis and Philly last night, which if you are a Rangers fan is like watching The View in Spanish. Loe almost had em last night until the seventh. I have to say that it was a great attempt boys. Score

Beat up the Tigers!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rangers Win Over Boston

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of Padilla, but he put on a great start last night allowing only four hits in 6 innings..... a very difficult thing to do in Arlington. Take a look at the box score here

Phil Nevin beat Wakefield when he hung a knuckler and I didn't get to see anything because ESPN had underwater womens cycling on. Another choice was the Barry Bonds promo hour on ESPN2......yeah this is much better than BASEBALL! There were only eight games going on, why program ANY OF THEM...instead lets try to glorify an extremely pig headed junkie in reality TV format. Way to go ESPN...ya really got your finger on the pulse of the modern day sports fan. Ya know, this is the same idiot that pitched game shows to MTV. I can see him in the ESPN offices now, laughing and giving the finger guns while selling this to a programming director....thank God for XM Radio.

It's a good day; Yankee's lose, Rangers win and I get to throw in a "finger gun" reference!

REDSUX v RANGERS tonight @ 7:05 check XM's HOME PLATE for channel # (If in a remote part of the planet such as Ohio)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Opening Day Re-cap

First off, I'd like to say.....Boomer, you are a noodge. Is there a way I can make him go away? While being forced to listen to the ESPN commentary here in Northeast Ohio I got to hear Boomer's ridiculous stream of (un)consciousness. The great thing is that at one point (I am not sure who it was) someone called him out and totally blasted one of Boomers asinine comments. This gave me hope that perhaps someone who has a little more pull than me is tired of this (i say again) Noodge. If it is any consequence, I hear that Josh Lewin's forced antics on the local broadcast were just as bad if not worse than Boomer's stupidity.


...on to base ball. We got thumped. (I especially like the extra batting glove in the back pocket of David Ortiz prominently displaying the middle finger. What a class act.) Not much can be said here other than our bats didn't warm up and Milwood hung a few that later resulted in hits (some of which have yet to land). On the bright side, I'm anxious to see a bigger and badder Hank Blalock. I am hoping for a bit of sibling rivalry here and see Hank return to the offensive threat from days past.

Clemens made yet another appearance at the Ballpark in Arlington. Does this guy just want free food or something? SH#% OR GET OFF THE POT! I personally believe this guy just wants to see how much free crap Hicks will give him. At this point, I could care less wheather or not this guy signs or not.

If he DOES sign then we can expect a vain addition to the starting rotation maybe about once a month at the cost of somewhere in the neighborhood of the gross domestic product of Mexico.

If he DOES NOT sign then I'm sure every naysayer reporter and armchair fan will blame whatever pitching woes the Rangers may have on this incident.

Will Clemens be the pitching answer that will result in a division winning team? Seriously, do you think that Clemens will bring that much to the rotation?

Move on Hicks.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Welcome to the start of the regular season.

I recomend a half day at on this one!! It seems like even in the remote wilderness of what is Northeast Ohio that I may get the opertunity to see the season opener!!! YAY! Taking a half day to go home and watch the festivity and gradure! Happy opener to all, and good luck Rangers!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Told you so...Sort of

Posted by Dan in Texas

Well good readers, as if anyone is reading this, I was right- sort of. I previously predicted that the Rangers would trade Dellucci. I knew the Rangers would deal him. I expected outfield help.

The trade sends Dellucci to the Phillies (I was close- the NL East) for right-hander Robinson Tejada. The trade was most likey made in response to Adam Eaton's finger surgery; expected to keep him out for at least 12 weeks. The trade also brings outfielder Jake Blalock ( Hank's younger brother) to help a defensively challenged outfieild.

That's right Ranger fans, get your news here before it happens.

Half of it anyway.

Scoreboard! - sort of.