Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

The season got off to a slow start and to any Rangers fan's suprise they began doing something that had not been done in years.....winning. Winning undoubtedly due to the fact our home jerseys have been dubbed an interesting shade of red you see(much like 1996). However, despite this season beginning burst of winning it seems as though the grandure has worn off. After leading the American League West for a while they have relinquished the lead once again to our "rally monkey" pals in the greater Los Angeles/Anaheim area. After being ostensibly violated by the rally monkey 5-2 in the first game of the series, the Rangers came out in an awesome display of fireworks with a 5 homerun game winning 9-5.

Only a game and change behind that bastard rally monkey, but I'm pretty peeved at dumping a 6 game lead in the division to these guys. I know they play pretty good ball, but much like the Yankees the Angels present some kind of "super-team" aura that will somehow many times result in beating the Rangers before they even take the field.

In other news out of California, that crazy political hatchet wench Nancy Pelosi and her band of friggin idiots over there are getting geeked up about perhaps the most invasive environmental bill to have ever been suggested in Congress...H.R. 2454 the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. Say hello to socialism friends....where the government will tell you what to drive and tax you for it. Where the government will dictate how hot or cold your house or apartment will be and tax you for it....and much much more.
Never heard of this you say? Neither had I until I tuned into a local radio guy that has been largely dismissed by most media since he presents a somewhat logical republican argument on a regular basis. No you haven't even heard rumblings of this from FOX news probably since they are covering the latest reality TV show "AMERICA'S GOT CRABS" or Michael Jackson's death by Oxy/Viagra bender.
Here is what I suggest to whom ever may eventually come across this poorly written post.... read this garbage bill and contact your local senator. Tell him/her they are a socialistic asshat if they actually vote this in. Then, tell your representation that Nancy Pelosi should at least let someone read the national health care bill that she's hiding before congress moves that through as well. Unless of course you actually agree with this Marxist crap. In that case, I wouldn't stoop so low to call you a misinformed environmental zealot who most likely travels the country in hemp-wear speaking the dangers of CO2 emissions and carbon footprints. No, I wouldn't do that. Instead I think I'd tell you honestly that YOU need more than anyone else to read this thing and realize: They are going to take your bong and your VW bus away in the name of environmentalism. Then one day you'll be out front of your spacious one bedroom eco-douche apartment hula-hooping your little heart out and suddenly come to the realization that "shit maaaan, this sucks!"

Glad to be posting again....I'll update the rest of this crap soon!

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