Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hank the Hammer

I have heard mixed reviews on Hank....and last night is a great example as to why the Hammer's naysayers need to take a hike. He got a little motivated last night and put two over the fence to win it in the ninth inning by 9-7. I like the kinda quiet guy persona he displays in the locker room. He is not too public, but he'll come out to sign for kids and do charity events and things like that. When it comes to game day the hat goes down just above his eyes and he's all business. You don't see him jawing the umpire and kicking dirt if he strikes out, he just tucks his chin to his chest and plays hard. Hank works well with the rest of the team and you get the feeling every guy has a lot of respect for him. Way to go Hank. You have a fan up in Ohio and several down there in Arlington.

Within a half game of being back atop the AL West.

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